Thursday, December 1, 2011

GLASTONBURY, ENGLAND - JUNE 25: Tinie Tempah p...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeIt's another X Factor results show.  Which 2 X Factor acts will be leaving tonight?  I'm sure if it was just up to America, the correct 2 will be leaving tonight.  However, the X Factor judges have to keep their hands in it.

Did you watch last night's show?  It was Michael Jackson night!  You can review that X Factor episode, but the gist of it was, everyone did great, except for Astro.  He completely ruined my favorite Michael Jackson song, Black or White.

Oh well, tonight we will be entertained by Tinie Tempah, followed by the X Factor judge's results.

Tinie Tempah is performing Pass OutLove the light show!!!

X Factor Results!

Drew is in the bottom 2, and is going home! Simon is pissed! I agree. :(
Rachel Crow is safe!
Melanie Amaro is safe!
Brian Bradley/Astro got the lowest # of votes and is going home!
Chris Rene is safe!
Marcus Canty is in the bottom 2, but safe!
Josh Kracjik is safe!

Were those X Factor results predictable or what?   NOT!  I can't believe Astro got the lowest number of votes and was sent home immediately!  Here's me doin' the happy dance.  Only because he wouldn't follow the rules.  It got old.

I am, however, very sad that Drew is leaving.  :(

Anyway, next week it's the final 5 on the X Factor!
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  1. LA REED should be gone next year.if your not a rapper or soul singer he will not vote to keep you.

  2. Totally agree, Anon! Hopefully they'll get rid of him and the host, Steve Jones!

    He's rude and too much of a stiff shirt!!!



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