Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The X Factor USA is finally here!

We've got new judges as most of you know.  Britney Spears and Demi Lovato join LA Reid and Simon Cowell.

Almost 10 minutes of intro!  Whew, finally over.

Paige Thomas is up first.  She has a beautiful little girl.  She's going to sing I'm Goin' Down and she's amazing!!!!

All 4 X Factor judges loved her!

Shawn something is 50 years old.  He is going to sing his own song Candy Girl.  Ok, not sure what the dancing is, but ewww...  Um, no good.  I think he's screaming/talking more than singing.

Now he's arguing with the judges.  He just told Demi Lovato that she uses auto-tune and he doesn't.  Well, after insulting all 4 X Factor judges, off he goes.

Reed Deming, who looks like the Beeb, is 13.  He started singing a Bruno Mars song, but Simon stopped him and had him choose another song.

So he chose Grenade and boy is he nervous.  Simon wants better vocals, Demi thinks he's adorable, LA said he reminds him of the Beeb, and Britney says he's adorable.  All 4 X Factor judges sent him through!!!

Kaci Newton is 22 and very cocky!  She's been cutting down other X Factor contestants all day.  Let's see if she can sing.

Singing Firework and she's all over the place.  Off key.  Simon said she sounded like she was dying.  So she starts singing another song.  All 4 judges said no.

We sit through a very fast collection of freaks!  Some act drunk, some dressed very strangely, but they all have 1 thing in common.  They can't sing!  LOL

Quatro something came out in a wedding getup.  Very hard to explain.  He, yes I said he, sang a Lady Gaga song. Born This Way.

As weird as he is, he could sing and he could entertain.  LA Reid said no, but the rest of the X Factor judges said yes.  lol

Vincent Thomas is 22.  He used to be in a boy band.  Not sure what happened.  lol  The judges didn't like him.

Emblem 3 came out and did an original song and they're awesome!!!  All 4 X Factor judges were impressed!!!

They made it!

Don Philip is up.  He's done duets with Britney Spears and others, but said he wasn't ready.  He's ready now.  Singing Halo.

All 4 X Factor judges turned him down.  That was awkward.

Jennel Garcia just graduated from high school.  Singing Paris (Ooh La La) and she's awesome!!!

LA was feeling her; getting down in his judges chair.  lol  All 4 X Factor judges loved her!!!!

Jillian Jones was bullied in school.  She's singing Who You Are and you can feel her pain!  She's got a great voice!

The audience is cheering and crying, and Demi went up and gave her a hug.  Wow!  Even Simon Cowell is losing it!!!

LA says you got it!  Brit says she is so amazing.  Demi is crying and loves her.  Simon said that was incredible.  All 4 X Factor judges sent her through!

Well, the X Factor Premiere was a huge success and ended on such a powerful note!

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