Wednesday, December 14, 2011

There's still quite an uproar about the elimination of X Factor wannabe Rachel Crow.  

Some blame X Factor Judge Nicole Sherzinger, others blame Paula Abdul, and still others blame America, as it was America's vote that actually sent Rachel Crow home.

Some blame Nicole for the elimination of Rachel Crow, because Nicole refused to vote.  She claims she didn't want to be the one to send either Rachel Crow or Marcus Canty home.

Some blame Paula for the elimination of Rachel Crow, because Paula leaned over to Nicole, when Nicole refused to vote, and suggested she let it go to deadlock and let America decide.

And finally, some blame "America" because it was ultimately the lack of votes for Rachel Crow that sent her packing.

For those new to X Factor, America is suppose to vote after each episode...  something similar to American Idol.  However, the 2 X Factor wannabes that land in the bottom, must sing for their life.  From there, the X Factor Judges decide which act stays and which one goes home.

With the X Factor judges making the final decision, a lot of viewers refuse to vote.  Why bother when the X Factor judges still have the final say.

And it doesn't matter how well the X Factor wannabe performs, the judges will keep the popular one.  Take Brian Bradley, aka Astro, for instance.  The first time he was in the bottom, he comes out on stage with an attitude refusing to sing until LA Reid said he should.  And after his lackluster performance, the judges, although disgusted with his attitude, saved him.

Reading comments online showed me I wasn't alone in my thoughts of 'why should America even vote'?  It's ultimately up to the judges to chose which act goes home.

Which is why I believe the elimination of Rachel Crow is Nicole's fault.  Rachel Crow clearly out sang Marcus Canty.  But with America's lack of enthusiasm to vote for reasons stated above, and Nicole not having a spine to make a decision, Rachel Crow was sent home.
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