Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Final auditions for the X Factor USA!  Let the fun begin!

Adonis and John are up first.  They didn't fair up well at all.  All 4 X Factor judges turned them away.  Thank goodness!

We sit through tons of very bad auditions.  Hopefully we can see a huge improvement soon!!!

Dinah Hanson is up next.  She's 15 years old.  Singing If I Were A Boy and she's excellent!

LA said she did it justice!  Britney felt she had a connection with her.  Amazing.  Demi got the chills while she was singing.  Simon says this is why we came to Providence; to find someone like you.  She's through!!

Arin Ray is 16 years old from Ohio.  He was in the group Intensity on Season 1 X Factor and they were cut.  He's coming back as a solo artist, singing an original song he wrote.

LA liked him last year and glad he's back again.  Britney feels he's a true star.  Demi likes his confidence.  Simon says it was a great audition.  He's through!

Natalie Martin, Nick, Beatrice and a ton more went through very quickly and they all received yeses.  I guess we'll have to wait for next week to really see them sing.  lol

Changyi is up and I'm not sure what to expect.  She's dressed like a Sailor.  Not exactly sure what she's singing, but it's not good.

Oh dear, she's not stopping.  Simon had to stop her 3 times.  All 4 X Factor judges turned her down.

Austin Corini is up next.  A couple of teeny boppers asked for his autograph backstage.  lol   Singing Wanted and he's a great singer!

Britney says he has an amazing voice.  Demi says he's very cute.  LA didn't think he was very original.  Simon wanted a bit more from him.  Regardless, the X Factor judges send him through!

Ahmed and Symphany(?) make up the group Jamie, and they can't stop hanging on each other and kissing backstage.  They're singing an original song they wrote.

I'm not sure if they're good or not.  Off key.  The song doesn't suite them at all.

Simon says it was very corny.  LA didn't get it.  Brit and Demi both say no, also.

David Correy is up with his many tattoos.  He's hoping he will reconnect with his birth mother.  Singing Just The Way You Are and he's not too bad.

Britney thinks he's great.  LA says his upper register is powerful.  All 4 X Factor judges sent him through!

Sophie Simmons is Gene Simmons daughter.  She auditioned on American Idol and didn't go too far.  Demi called her out on being Gene's daughter and she was pissed.  hahahhaha

Demi says she needs more control.  LA didn't quite get the chill bumps he wanted to.  Britney thinks she has an amazing voice.  Simon says her tone is interesting.  LA says no.  Brit says yes.  Demi says yes and Simon says yes.

Tara Simon is a bit cocky.  She's says she's the Simon Cowell in her vocal studio.  She's made students cry.  I believe that!!!

Singing Without You and I hate her rendition of it.  Simon thought she over sang it in parts, but she has the talent.  LA says it was really good.  Brit says she is a true performer.  Demi didn't like the beginning.  All 4 X Factor judges say yes!

Daryl Black is up.  He's 37, married with 5 children.  Singing Stereo Hearts and man, he's good!!!  He's got the audience on their feet!

LA, Demi, Britney and Simon all thought he had an amazing voice.  Simon says he reminds him of Nat King Cole.  He's through!

Trevor Moran is 13 years old.  He was up next to audition, but he's passed out on the floor backstage.  They called the paramedics.  I hope he's ok!

That wraps up tonight's X Factor auditions.  See you tomorrow night!


  1. Dinah Hanson really was fantastic. To be 15 years old and to have such a rich and grown up quality to her voice is something you don’t see that often. She just let go and embodied the song. This is just one of the many reasons why I make sure that my Hopper is recording the show each week. With 2,000 hours of recording time I don’t have to rush to delete my other shows. I knew that Arin Ray would do well but the one that really surprised me was Daryl Black. He did a fantastic rendition of Stereo Hearts which is one of my favorites this summer. My DISH co-workers are wondering how Tara Simon even made it through to the next round. She did an awful version of Without You and it was very pitchy. I definitely wouldn’t have voted her through to the next round.

    1. Totally agree with you, Aj, on all counts. Love Dinah, Arin, and Daryl. Daryl really surprised me, too.

      I think every year, they have to have someone who is going to either cause drama or something, and that's probably why Tara made it through.



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