Thursday, December 8, 2011

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The X Factor results show will bring 5 X Factor wannabes to 4!  And more importantly, I fixed my computer!  lol

Sorry for half of an X Factor recap last night, but my computer would not connect to the Internet.  But, I'm back up and running, so here we go!

Chris Rene had an amazing performance last night.  Just him and his guitar.  But will he make it to the semi-finals?

Along with one of the X Factor wannabes getting the axe, we will be entertained by Lenny Kravitz and Mary J Blige!

Lenny Kravitz is performing Rock Star City Life! Love his Flying V guitar!!!

We get a peek of how hectic it is backstage with hair, makeup, wardrobe changes...  There were people everywhere!  lol

Mary J Blige performs Need Someone(To Love You)!A little slow and sappy for me, but an ok song.

Holy crap, Rachel and Marcus had a sing off and they both smoked it!  Gave me goosebumps, they did!!!  We're going to a deadlock because Nicole won't vote.  America decides who is leaving!!!

X Factor Results!

Rachel Crow is in the bottom 2, and has to go home!  NOOOO!!!!
Melanie Amaro is safe!
Chris Rene is safe!
Marcus Canty is in the bottom 2!
Josh Kracjik is safe!

Chris, Josh, Melanie, and Marcus are in the X Factor semi-finals and one step closer to the $5 Million Prize!!!  Who do you think will win it all and wear the first X Factor USA crown?
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  1. Nicole is such a poser. Im wondering what motives she had for clearly throwing the contest. At least L.A. had the balls to say that he is a complete tool. Nicole who is hurting for fans since the recent breakup, just lost 1 more.

  2. I totally agree with you, Anonymous. I loved it when Steve tried to ask her a question and the audience booed.

    Nicole needs to go find a new job. One that allows her to be indecisive and wishy washy.



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