Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another episode of the X Factor tonight, but everyone's still ablaze with last week's X Factor results show.  You know, the elimination of Rachel Crow.  Does Simon Cowell need a wake up call?  I think, yes.  The voting or the judges panel or something needs to be revamped.

Maybe America is too used to American Idol, I don't know, but the X Factor judges have too much control over the voting, and I think that's exactly why America isn't voting.

Why vote for the X Factor wannabes when it's ultimately up to the judges if they stay or go?  The look on Nicole, and even Marcus face's when Rachel was eliminated said it all.  Nicole messed up, and that's putting it mildly.

I have been behind Melanie ever since Simon invited her back to the show after sending her home... mistakenly as he said.  But, when she was in the bottom 3 last week, she showed her true colors.  She's not confident like I thought, she expects to win.

Obviously the audience was instructed not to BOO Nicole when the X Factor judges were introduced.

Marcus Canty starts the show and he starts so off key it isn't even funny.  Of course Nicole loved him... she has no voice.  God, go home, Nicole.  Paula has to agree so her girl doesn't look like a fool.  Simon, can you be honest???  He sang it well.  Come on, Simon.  Of course LA loved him.

Chris Rene is up and he looks a bit uncomfortable which is new.  He usually looks so comfortable on stage.  Nicole needs to just shut her pie hole.  Paula says he looks like 5 million bucks.  Simon was honest and says it wasn't the best performance.  LA of course loves him.  No constructive criticism from anyone but Simon.

Melanie Amaro is performing now and I used to love this girl, but she is so stuck up I really hope she doesn't win.  LA didn't feel her usual passion, and he is RIGHT ON!!!  Nicole is to be ignored.  She obviously has no opinion.  Paula loves her.  Simon, get a spine like you used to have.  She had no passion.

Josh Kracjik is probably the only sincere one of the bunch right now.  Too bad Nicole is his mentor.  LA enjoyed it.  Paula says he's brilliant.  Simon says he's come back this week.  Nicole obviously loves him, what can she do?

Marcus Canty is trying to explain how he's still here and Rachel went home.  Guess what, Marcus?  Nobody votes because it doesn't matter! Nicole loves him... she has to.  Paula loved him.  Do these people have any talent?  Simon says it was horrific.  Way to go Simon!!!

Chris Rene says he's only been clean and sober for 7 months.  That's kind of scary when $5 million is at stake.  That's a lot of unclean.  Playing piano and immersing himself into the song.  Way to go, Chris!  He gets up and sings it home!!!  Nicole is saying something that no one is listening to... doesn't matter, you need to find another job.  One that doesn't involve decisions.  Paula loves everyone.  Simon says he delivered.

Ooooh, an American Idol commercial.  Can't wait for that.

Melanie Amaro is up now.  Big whoop.  She used to be humble.  Oh, Melanie, you try to look like, "OMG, I can't believe I can sing!"  LA is out of his head... saying she's not predictable.  Nicole, we don't care.  Paula loves everybody (seeing the pattern?).  Simon..  well, it's Simon.  Underdog??  WTH???  Simon, we saw what happened last week because of your choice in judges...  Nicole, the sap.

Josh Kracjik is up next.  I'm so sorry for Josh because people may not vote for him (if that even matters) because Nicole is weak.  Sob story about his brother giving him a couch to sleep on cause he couldn't do anything else to make ends meet.  I've got family in that position, but is working 2 jobs.  Wow, he really started off wrong!  Way off key.  LA said it lacked excitement, which it did.  Paula is crying like an idiot.  Simon is a flippin' mush.  Nicole obviously supports her man.

Well, the X Factor wants us to vote.  They claim it actually matters this week.  It's blatently obvious who the X Factor judges want to win.  Even though she/he sings off key, whether they're marketable or not.  Doesn't really matter.

Vote for your favorite X Factor wannabe and let's end this show.  Hopefully Simon is sincere about making this show work.  Cause it's not working now.
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  1. evelyngarone..comDecember 21, 2011

    I thought it was just me "hatin" on Melanie, but as I've said in my blog, she grabbed that mike and hogged it to tell her story. You are right, though, remember when she was shocked she could the world turned upside down now for the DIVA! Hmmmm, I hope she doesn't win and I can't decide about Josh and Chris Rene...I have to agree with you, $5 mil might not be the best thing for a recovering addict only 7 months into being clean and sober...and JOSH sings better!

  2. Yes, I was shocked when Simon didn't choose her at first, but since then, she's been a huge diva. Never earned that title, though.

    I hope she doesn't win now that I've read and seen so much of her "I deserve to win" attitude.

    Josh or Chris needs to take this home. I will be voting for Josh now, as I believe he's earned it and appreciates it!



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