Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Michael JacksonCover of Michael JacksonI do have my favorite X Factor wannabes, but I have to be totally honest, some of my favorites are falling short.  Hopefully, they can pull off Michael Jackson week.  Funny how Michael Jackson has been in the news this week, but I'll refrain from commenting on that, too.  lol

Too many bloggers write about what they think their readers want to hear.  I think that's wrong, but maybe that's why I don't have many readers.  lol

Ok, here we go!

I grew up watching The Jackson Five and also Michael Jackson.  Love him and his songs.  These X Factor wannabes have to be outstanding tonight!  I so hope one of them performs Black or White!

YES!!!!  The Jackson brothers!!!!  OMG!!!!  Mama Jackson and Michael Jackson's  kids!!!  Awesome!!!!  Wow, the X Factor just impressed me down to my socks!!!

Josh Kracjik is up first and how nervous he must be!!!  Josh doesn't look comfortable, but he's giving it his all.  Proud of you!!!  LA liked it!  Paula commended him, too.  Simon says great, but thought he was over produced.  Nicole's fault I guess.

Brian Bradley/Astro is up next.  Let's see.  Michael never rapped.  Brian seems to think he's above theme week..  every week.  And his mom condones it as well as the judges.  Bet the X Factor judges won't say a word.  Damn, he's going to f' up my favorite song.  Rapped Black or White.  Ass.  And the judges are kissing his, too.  Are you flippin' kidding me????  God, can we get rid of this idiot now, please???

Drew is up next!  She even knows you can't mess with a Michael Jackson song cause it would show disrespect.  Very slow Billy Jean and she's doing it such justice!!!  So getting lost in this song.  Way to go, Drew!  LA loved it!  Nicole likes her, but didn't understand the chair thing.. whatever Nicole.  Paula thought it was her best vocal performance.  Didn't agree with any non-visual.  WTH?

Rachel Crow is up now and I can't wait!!!  Can you feel it???  Got the one glove rockin' too!  Well, let's hear the put downs.  LA, you're up first.  Yup, he didn't think she was having a great time and it wasn't the best.  F you, LA.  Nicole didn't feel the connection.  OMG!  Paula, who's butt will you kiss?  Well, she's following LA and Nicole.  Whatever. 

Marcus Canty is up next.  Does it really matter at this point?  Marcus is coming out strong, so I'm sure the judges will cut him down.  This just isn't a reality show anymore.  Nicole liked it.  Paula liked it I guess.  Michael's kids are lost.  lol  Simon didn't think the vocals were very good.  At least he's honest this time.

Chris Rene is up now.  His grandfather wrote Rockin' Robin.  This is another rapper, but I'm sure he'll make Michael proud.  At least he sings parts and not raps all of it!  I'll Be There is another favorite of mine.  Yes, there's rapping, but not like Brian who rapped through the whole song.  Nicole loved it.  Paula said he connected.  Simon said he was going to have a really tough week.  What???

Melanie Amaro wraps it up tonight.  Earth song...  go Melanie!!!!  Sing it girl!  What About Us?  Paula is standing..   Everyone on their feet clapping.  That's a good sign.  LA said she was the best of the night.  Nicole said it was one of the best performances of the show.  Paula said it was flawless.  Simon of course is proud.

Well, another X Factor show is done, and we need to vote for our favorite.  It really doesn't matter though because the X Factor judges are going to keep who they want.  I thought American Idol was bad, but they don't hold a candle to the X Factor.  Vote now and we'll see you tomorrow night.

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