Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Another X Factor show begins.  I think the X Factor Gods have to do some damage control.  They're going downhill fast.  Here's the stiff shirt host trying to create some excitement...  not happening.

Steve is an ass.  He needs to swim back to where he came from.

Melanie Amaro is up first with an Adele song...  She sounds rushed.  Is this another Simon F' up?  Come on, Simon.  LA liked it.  Nicole liked it.  Paula liked it.  Simon obviously liked it.  Hahahhahha, Simon's reading too much.  Melanie has been karaoke Simon.  LOL

Marcus Canty is up next!  Love Marcus, but he's not consistent except for the half naked girl dancers.  If LA is so good, why can't he be objective.  Course there's man hungry Nicole.  Ridiculous.  Paula loves him of course.  Simon is on crack.  He caved.  Liked him better on American Idol.

Rachel Crow up next!  She's a little sweetheart, but she can also sing!  LA tried to make a funny.  Didn't work!  Nicole wants the Rachel Crow doll to come out. Whatever.  Paula..  something about fearless.  Simon, well of course he loved her.

Josh Krajcik is up now.  We Found Love In A Hopeless Place.  Doing it justice, for sure!!  LA can't see him doing that song, so he didn't buy it.  Paula disagrees, of course.  Simon loves his voice, but poor song choice.  Nicole obviously loved him.

Chris Rene is up now.  Love his voice and he is a performer.  A rapper that can actually sing, too.  Nicole and Paula loves him.  No constructive criticism though.  Simon said something about the public liking him.

Malanie Amaro and Josh performed while I was out and I guess Josh hit the mark.   I'm sure Malanie did too.

Chris Rene performed, I guess...

Tonight sucked for me.  I'm on a different computer and I missed the last of the X Factor.

But, I'll get with you tomorrow night...  if I can get my puter fixed!


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