Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's the X Factor finale!  Who will win the X Factor crown?

Melanie Amaro thinks she's got it in the bag, but that's what I don't like about her.

She may have the better voice, but Josh Krajcik and Chris Rene are still humble, and that's a better quality.

I've heard people say that Josh is a timeless classic.  I agree with that!  Still others love Chris Rene and his unique voice.

No matter which X Factor wannabe wins, I don't think this is the last we will hear from any of them.  So, let's get this show going!

The X Factor Judges appear on stage to the music The Final Countdown.  lol

The X Factor final 12 are on stage performing The Edge Of Glory, and I don't remember a couple of them.  WTH?  lol

Melanie Amaro is performing Mariah's All I Want For Christmas Is You.  She's trying to dance a bit but it's throwing her off.  Oops...

Now we're looking at clips from her family, friends, and ex-coworkers.  I must admit, it was very touching and I'm reaching for a tissue.  Awww...

Chris Rene is performing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.  He just looks like he's having fun.  lol  I do like his voice.

A few more clips for Chris now.  His 1st grade teacher, friends, his counselor, his little boy and his brother, sister, mom...  Ohhhh, here comes the tears again!!!

Josh Krajcik is performing Please Come Home For Christmas.  He's another one that's just down to earth.

Ok, grabbing the tissues before his clips.  His principal, choir teacher, former co-workers, his best friend, his girlfriend, dad, mom, and daughter.

Justin Bieber is performing Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire with Stevie Wonder!!!

Now Justin is performing Santa Claus Is Coming To Town with some awesome dancers, and former X Factor wannabe Drew to end the song!

Steve Jones wants us to run right out and buy Justin Bieber's album, Under The Mistletoe. Sure Steve.

We're about to find out who takes 3rd Place!  America voted and Chris Rene takes that spot.  Dang it.

After watching clips of the X Factor's most shocking moments, Rachel Crow tells Steve Jones that she is stealing his job.

So Rachel Crow introduces, Leona Lewis, and she's a better host than Steve!!!

hahhahaha  LA vs Simon Smackdown segment.  The banter between them got old during the show, but the look on their faces...  hilarious!!!

50 Cent is performing Wait Until Tonight and they're bleeping most of it. lol  Astro comes out half way through and performs with him.

Now it's Paula vs Nicole in the cry off.  Geez, Nicole wins.

Pitbull featuring Ne Yo is on stage now.  Singing Give Me Everything. I love this song!!!  Marcus is joining them!  Go Marcus!!!

Josh and Melanie are performing together now.  Singing Heroes.  Josh is laughing about something.  hahhaha

And the winner is...

X Factor Results!

1st Place & winner is  Melanie Amaro

2nd Place goes to Josh Krajcik

3rd Place goes to Chris Rene!

Well, I was disappointed that Chris Rene landed in 3rd Place.  I would have liked to see Melanie in that spot.  Oh well.

That's it for the very first X Factor show.  What do you think?  Does Simon have some revamping to do?  Will the host, Steve Jones return for season 2?

We'll keep you posted, while we wait for Season 2 of the X Factor!

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