Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I purposely missed blogging about the X Factor last week because I couldn't get past the ugly rumors.

Now there's more ugly rumors. 

Last week Demi was still arguing and causing drama with Simon.  Paulina had to have captions because she has poor English, and Kelly just kind of went with the flow.

On top of that, I just can't get past the low-down actions of Simon and now Paula.

Simon is allegedly having a baby boy with Lauren Silverman, who at the time was still married.  Simon says he's happy.  I love Simon... well, I used to.  How can you be happy knocking up someone else wife?

Another X Factor Judge rumor has Paulina Rubio breaking up a 10 year marriage with her lover Gerardo Bazua and his wife.

Not sure if this is legit, but it puts doubts in my mind about her credibility on the show:

X Factor Judge Paulina Rubio and Lover
I just can't get past this.  Last week, the X Factor judges ridiculed just about everyone.

For some odd reason, I thought this season was going to be different.  Credible.  A real talent show.

I just don't see it.  So, what do I do?  Try to get my enthusiasm back?  Or cut my losses?

Like I said, love Simon, but have no respect for him anymore.

Ok, let me know in the comments which way I should go.  The show just isn't about the contestants anymore.  It's about ridicule which is disgusting because the Judges have no right to ridicule someone when they're a laughing stock themselves.

X Factor should be getting better, not embracing ridicule and immoral ways.

Thanks for reading and giving opinions!

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