Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fox / Ray Mickshaw / Digital Spy

I understand you must be confident to compete in a show like the X Factor, but there's a fine line between being confident and cocky.

X Factor Melanie Amaro crossed that line.

According to Digital Spy, Melanie Amaro claims she deserves to win over Josh and Chris.

Which is a good attitude to have if you are really committed to win.  But she's acting more cocky than confident.

Melanie claims she has more fight in her than Chris or Josh, and a lot of it has to do with Simon Cowell bringing her back into the competition.

I used to like Melanie and was hoping she would win the X Factor crown, but I've taken a different attitude about her.  Her outbursts, and very cocky attitude has lost my vote.

Sorry, Melanie, you don't "deserve" to win, the one who has earned it will win.

What do you think?  Has Melanie Amaro gotten too big for her head?  Who will win the very first USA X Factor?

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