Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's the X Factor finale and I've watched from the beginning.  My views have changed quite a bit since the beginning.

I thought Simon was an idiot for not keeping Melanie, way back when he sent her home.  He brought her back and I was thrilled.  Not any more.

Melanie Amaro thinks she deserves to win.  Didn't say she has earned to win, but deserves to win.  Not liking that attitude at all.

Hopefully America has seen through her and votes for who has earned that X Factor crown.

Josh and Chris has fought just as hard as Melanie, but she thinks differently.  Melanie thinks she has more fight in her than the other two.  Yeah, but they are humble and human Melanie... something you should embrace.

Josh is up first singing and introduces Alanis.  What the hell?  Ok, this is different.  I guess we vote on prior performances.  This makes no sense, but the judges seemed to like it.

Chris is up now and of course, we're not voting on our favorite X Factor wannabe, but our favorite celebrity.  Wow..  Avril..  is she your favorite?

Melanie, the one who thinks she deserves to win is accompanied by... R Kelly, go figure.  Should we vote for him?  I'm thinking no.  This finale is so ridiculous.

Who are we voting for Simon?

Michael Jackson steals the show..  Yes!!!  Miss you Michael!!!

Josh, Chris, and Melanie comes out singing for Michael.  Josh and Chris are sincere...  Melanie acts like she deserves it...  hmmm, I'm seeing a trend.

Josh is up next.  Hopefully we actually see him sing for this 5 million!  Singing with him and his guitar alone...  At Last.  Come on, people, you can't say you weren't moved!!!!

Chris is up now singing A Yeah Yea, and he delivers!!!  Vote!!!

Melanie "shockingly" gets the last performance of the night.  Oh, yes, there is a pecking order.  The last performer gets the bennie votes.  Don't care what she sings, her head got too big the day Simon asked her to come back.  Would have given her a chance tonight, but she thinks she deserves it, not has earned it.  Bye, bye Melanie.

I hope everyone takes everything into consideration tonight.  Simon Cowell has put Melanie in the last spot, and that's not fair to Josh or Chris.  The X Factor judges are crumbling under their boss Simon.

Please, America, let's all vote for Josh or Chris!!!  The X Factor is so ridiculous.

Vote for Josh and Chris, please!!!
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  1. Josh's voice is timeless. He has and got my vote. Come on America, get this right

  2. Totally agree, Sharon. He got my votes last night!



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