Thursday, December 15, 2011

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It's another X Factor results show, and this time America gets the vote.  I just hope America is still interested in voting this late in the game.

Along with the X Factor results, we will hear Nicole Scherzinger perform her new single, Pretty.  I wonder if she will sing it live or if it's taped.  The audience booed her last night, so I hope they don't boo her off the stage.  Well, a little part of me hopes.

Florence and The Machine will also perform tonight, and I'm embarrassed to say I've never heard of them.  So, I asked my best friend Google, and after listening to a few of their songs, I still have no idea who Florence and The Machine are.  :(

We start this X Factor results show with the final 4 X Factor wannabes performing Shout and I'm not really liking the arrangement.  Very slow and bluesy like.

Florence and the Machine are performing Spectrum.  Listen for yourself, but I'm still not a fan.

Nicole Scherzinger is performing Pretty and so far only applause!!!  Not sure if it was just from an "applause machine" though.  lol

X Factor Results!

Melanie Amaro is safe and in the finals!!!
Chris Rene is safe and in the finals!!!
Marcus Canty is going home.
Josh Kracjik is safe and in the finals!!!

So, those are the X Factor results for this week.  Did America get it right?  I think so, Marcus is good, just not great.

:  I've been reading a lot these past few days, and it's pretty much the consensus is that former X Factor wannabe Drew will be singing a duet with none other than Justin Bieber.  Also, since it's the Holidays, expect some Christmas music and decor.

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