Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wow!, is all I can say!

I was hoping the X Factor peeps were going to revamp the show, but, wow!

It has been confirmed that the X Factor host, Steve Jones got the axe.  He will no longer be the host.

This really doesn't come as a surprise, as Steve was more "robotish" than he was personable.

The second one on the chopping block is Nicole Sherzinger.  It has been confirmed that she has also got the axe!

Again, not really surprising as she was a wimp on the show.  And with the whole Rachel Crow fiasco, her fate was pretty much doomed.

What is surprising, is the fact that Paula Abdul has also been axed from the X Factor judges panel!!!!

This is very surprising to me because Simon "fought" so hard for her.  TMZ is reporting that Paula received the news from the X Factor lawyers, and hasn't heard anything from Simon yet.

What do you think?  Did the X Factor make the right decisions?  Should they have kept any one of these or all?

I'm okay with Steve and Nicole leaving the show, but I'm a bit upset that Paula Abdul will no longer be an X Factor judge.  :(
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  1. About the first two axe I think the X factor did the right decision for booting them out. What wonders me is why Paula(veteran judge) is booted out?

  2. I know! No one is really saying much.



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