Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chris Rene is hot!
The X Factor is allowing people to vote for their favorite X Factor wannabe via Twitter, Facebook, the X Factor website, as well as calling and text voting.

Follow @TheXFactorUSA on Twitter, then send a Direct Message to vote.  Tweets do NOT count.  For more instructions for Twitter voting, click here.

Download the app Xtra Factor to vote via Verizon Android devices.

The X Factor has limited voting to 50 votes per account.  That's a great thing!!!  Something American Idol should implement.

Well, we're down to 12 X Factor wannabes.  Let's see how they perform tonight!

The Stereo Hogzz are up first!  Paula Abdul is their mentor.  The music is so loud, I can barely hear them.  Ok, now it's better.  Trace doesn't seem to have a strong voice.  They're dressed a bit like Michael Jackson.  Dancing like him, too.  Not liking that.  But they did sound good.  The audience is going nuts!  The judges are praising them as well.  

Chris Rene is up next.  Wow is he looking good!!!  No hat, nice dress shirt and pants.  You go, Chris!  He knocked it out!  He's got his confidence back!  All the judges liked Chris.

Leroy Bell is up for the over 30's.  I really love his voice, but he now looks like his confidence is fading.  He's getting better as the song goes on.  I'm actually getting goosebumps!  Geez!  lol  Simon remarked on his confidence issues.  But all the X Factor judges loved his voice.
Rachel Crow is up!  She always has fun on that stage!  lol  She's got a powerful voice for a 13 year old, that's for sure!  She told Simon she hopes she did him proud.  Awww...  She's so sweet!

Lakoda Rayne coming up next.  Their theme is seasons.  Huh?  Not sure what that's all about, but they sure sound good together.  Oops, I think I heard an off note.  LA Reid wants them to be one or the other; pop or country.  Nicole said they put her in a trance.  Simon says voice-wise a massive improvement over last week. 

Josh Kracjik is up and I hope he also is dressed to impress this week.  Josh is a cutie, but I wish somebody would do something with that mop on his head.  lol  I do like his raspy voice, but Jar Of Hearts?  Come on, Nicole.  The X Factor Judges were blown away!  They loved it!!!

Melanie Amaro is up for Simon.  I love this girl, so I'm expecting a lot tonight.  Oooo, one of my favorite songs!!!!  Desperado!!!  She is killing this song!  Go, girl!!!  The audience is on their feet!!!  Of course the judges loved it, too!

Brian Bradley/Astro is up.  Please let him attempt something other than total rap.  I don't know what it is, but his style is old and stale.  The entire song is Hey, Ho?  Ugh.  Let's watch the judges fall all over him now.  The girls are falling all over him.  Simon is even falling all over this kid.

Intensity takes the stage now.  I think they really did a good job!  There's so many of them, but they meshed together, great!  Even Simon liked them!

Drew is last up for the girls!  I wonder who chooses the order in which they perform.  I'll have to research that.  She can sing anything, I swear!  She took a Nelly song and killed it!  The Judges loved it, too!  She's so cute!  lol

Marcus Canty last up for the boys!  Gee, I couldn't even remember who he was.  Shame on me.  His mom gave him 2 years to make it singing and his time was up when he auditioned for the X Factor.  I sure do love his voice!!!  I don't like the song, but he's great!  The judges loved him!

Stacy Francis wraps it up!  We're going with a Church type of song, and of course Stacy nails it!  She's got some pipes!  Simon looks happy.  Audience is on their feet!  The judges loved her and Simon even gave her a kiss.  lol

Voting starts now!  Make sure you vote for your favorite X Factor wannabe, or you take a chance that they might not get through.

Who was your favorite?  I liked Josh and Melanie and Drew and Marcus the best tonight.  Leave comments below!

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