Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's another X Factor Results Show! Which X Factor wannabe will be going home?  I'm thinking it might be another Paula Abdul group.

Hopefully this X Factor Results Show isn't drawn out and boring like the last one!  Willow and Jessie J are suppose to perform.  I guess they couldn't get anyone better.

One more thing, "they" say it's up to us to vote, and the one with the lowest vote goes home.  That's not true.  The X Factor takes the 2 lowest acts and the X Factor Judges choose which act leaves.  Really?

Willow Smith is up now performing FireballWillow on X Factor.  I'm sorry, she's adorable, but she just doesn't impress me at all.

Jessie J is up next, the only song of hers I'm familiar with is Price TagJessie J on X Factor. Nope, I guess it's her new single, DominoJessie J on X Factor .  Oh, yeah, I heard this one before.

X Factor Results!

Drew - Safe!
Rachel Crow - Safe!
Melanie Amaro - Safe!
Brian Bradley/Astro - Safe!
Chris Rene - Safe!
Marcus Canty - Safe!
Lakoda Rayne - In Danger!
The Stereo Hogzz - In Danger and going home!
Josh Kracjik - Safe!
Leroy Bell - Safe!
Stacy Francis - Safe!
Well, X Factor Judge Paula Abdul lost another act.  I wonder what happens when all of her acts are gone.  Does she disappear?  lol  

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