Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2 X Factor wannabes will be leaving us tomorrow night.  There's been a LOT of buzz the past week regarding Astro's temper tantrum.

If what I'm reading plays out, it won't matter if Astro is phenomenal tonight...  everyone wants him gone.  You just don't disrespect and think you're God's gift to the world without consequences.  Why Simon and Paula condoned his actions and sent him through is beyond me.

This week is all about giving thanks, and I can't wait to hear Astro's cock and bull, because that kid isn't thankful for anything.  He expects everything handed to him in life.

Rachel Crow is up first! Thankful for her adoptive family.  This girl has got it all.  A great voice and a personality to match.  Love her!  lol  And the judges do, too!!!!

Marcus Canty is next!  He is thankful for his mom.  He has such a smooth voice.  Standing O from the judges!

Melanie Amaro performs next!  She dedicates this song to God. The World's Greatestby R. Kelly.  Perfect song choice.  Judges cannot criticize this song.  LOL  Standing O from the X Factor judges again!!!  Of course, Steve has to butt in and rush them.  Go home, Steve!

Chris Rene coming up!  He gives thanks to his counselor, Tim.  7 months clean and sober.  Way to go, Chris!  Great song choice!!! Let It Be along with his own lyrics.  He is a great performer!  Judges loved it!

Lakoda Rayne performs now!  They're thanking parents, boyfriends, and grandparents.  Ok, they're sitting in swings on stage, singing You Belong With Me...  huh?  LA Reid says pretty good.  Nicole says thought she was watching in concert.  Simon says it was their best performance.  Huh?

Leroy Bell up after the break!  He's thankful for his mom.  She's gone now, but she's watching Leroy.  Awesome voice.  LA says it wasn't his very best.  Bite me, Reid!  Paula loved it!  Simon loved it!!!

Brian Bradley/Astro is up next, but do we really care?  Nope.  Astro is NOT sorry.  Read all his interviews that he has given online.  Ridiculous.  And his mom supports his outburst.  Wow, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, does it?  He's thankful for all 5 of his fans.  You can't turn this around, Astro.  I can tell you right now the judges will gush over him.  Nicole is proud of him.  Paula wants to be an astronaut.  Simon admires him.  OMG...  whatever.  Let's not critique his performance at all, shall we?

Drew is up now.  She is thankful for her best friend, Shelby.  Their song is Skyscraper Awesome song!  Love her voice.  A little Alanis Morissette!  LA hated the song choice.  Nicole loved the dedication.  Paula loved the dedication.  Simon is very proud of her, and is sick to death of LA's pointless rubbish.

Josh Kracjik wraps up the show!  He's dedicating this song to his daughter.  Sitting at the piano and losing himself in the song.  Awesome, Josh!!!  The judges loved him!!!

Well, here's another X Factor episode gone.  What did you think?  I wasn't impressed with the judges at all when it came to Astro's performance.  They praised him for apologizing instead of critiquing his performance.

Let's show the X Factor judges we are not stupid, and we know talent, and we also know when someone is sincere and when they're full of crap.


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