Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's the X Factor results show.  Who went home?  Read on to find out!  I wish the host, Steve Jones would go home, but I suppose he's just doing his job.  He doesn't have to be such a pr*** about it when they're running out of time though.

Anyway!  Let the suspense begin!  I suppose no matter which X Factor wannabe goes home tonight, someone is going to be upset.

I can't believe Simon Cowell ditched his t-shirts from his American Idol days!  lol

Steve just told us they will take the bottom 2, you know from our votes, make them sing again, and the X Factor Judges will have the last say who stays and who goes.  Are you kidding me????  I thought it was up to America this week?  Hmmm, something smelly here.

Recaps from last night...  yawn.  8 minutes into the show and nothing is going on.  12 minutes in and still watching last night's show.  Really?  How bored do we have to get?  Get on with it!

17 minutes in and no results, no entertainment, nothing but recaps from last night.  Ok, back from commercial.

Outa Sight is doing a great job entertaining us with the gaps.

30 minutes in and we've been entertained by Outa Sight, but they are dragging it out more than American Idol does, and they are the King of dragging!  I hope I can stick with this show.

The X Factor Results

Marcus Canty safe
Drew safe
Leroy Bell safe
Astro safe
Lakoda Rayne safe
Rachel Crow safe
Chris Rene safe
Josh Kracjik safe
Melanie Amaro safe
Stacy Francis safe
Stereohogzz safe

Intensity and Stereohogzz need to sing for their life.  Yeah, ok.  Intensity I can understand, but the Stereohogzz?  Paula is visibly upset.  Rightly so.

No offense to Intensity, but I hope the Stereohogzz make it through.  Intensity is a bit off key.

The X Factor Results Show is a joke I'm afraid.  I thought Simon Cowell would have produced a much better show.

LA Reid, I guess it's your decision *cough cough* so go ahead.  Steve is rushing you.  Get on with it!  That's it, Intensity is going home.  Were we surprised?  Nope.

Well, I guess I'll be back for the next episode of the X Factor.  I hope the results show is better.
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