Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Recapping the X Factor if you happen to miss tonight's episode.  Or just giving my take on the X Factor Judges and Contestants.

This host, what's his name, has got to go...  he is soooo irritating!  I don't care how cute he is!  Oh, Steve Jones, that's his name.

It's rock week!  Let's see how Astro does that!  He seems to be the only one who can rap every week without being criticized for doing the same thing over and over.

Leroy Bell up first with a Seger song!  Bob Seger is my favorite!  Better step up, Leroy!!!  OMG!  Love this song!!!  We've Got Tonight!!!  LA Reid wants more and boy did he get boo'ed!  Paula wants more of a connection.  Simon says no originality.  Nicole is dreaming and giving Leroy false hope.  She must change how she mentors him!

Rachel Crow is up next!  Singing Satisfaction!!!  Dang for a 13 year old, this girl can sing!!!  Playing the stage.  You go girl!!!  lol  The judges are on their feet!!!  LA was impressed.  Nicole says perfect song choice and this was her favorite performance!  Paula obviously loves her.  lol

Chris Rene is up now!  No idea what he's singing.  Love his voice, but have no idea what he's doing.  LA is trying to get the audience going for his boy.  Huh?  Nicole didn't have much to say other than it wasn't her favorite performance from him.  He laughed.  Paula loves him no matter what.  Simon loved the performance if the theme would have been reggae music.

Stacy Francis up next!  A Meatloaf song!  Another favorite of mine!  I don't think the song suits her, but she has an excellent voice.  The judges thought it was a terrible song choice, too.  Poor Stacy...  I love her.

Melanie Amaro takes the stage, next!  Her and a piano.   Starting off great.  She doesn't look like she's out of her comfort zone, does she Reid?  LA is claiming "that was so not rock."  Nicole didn't cry?  Paula says she took us to church, but wants to see her let go and let loose.

Josh Kracjik is up now!  Love Josh, but he needs a makeover.  lol  Great voice, but he's just standing at the mic.  Not my idea of a great rock concert.  LA liked it I guess.  Paula loves everyone.  Simon says it was bloody fantastic.

Astro is up next.  His name is Brian, and I don't believe he earned the "one name" status yet, but whatever.  Ok, rock Astro!  OMG, please do something other than rap.  So far, nothing new.  Nope, nothing new.  Same old rap crap.  Rap isn't crap, don't get me wrong, but that's all Astro does!  He's scared.  Or he can't do anything else.  Not worth 5 mil, that's for sure.  Oh, this is just ridiculous.  Blow out theme week because it doesn't apply to Astro.

Lakoda Rayne is up now.  Doesn't really matter how they do.  The X Factor Judges are gushing over Astro.  Makes me regret I got excited about the X Factor.  LA isn't thrilled...  really?  Nicole says they found their lane.  Simon says it was a complete mess.  Of course.

Drew is up next.  Love her, but I really don't think it matters anymore.  LA loves her voice but wants more.  He doesn't expect more from Astro though, does he?  Nicole is an idiot as well.  Paula tells her to take advantage of something or other.

Marcus Canty is up now.  Marcus is out of his comfort zone with rock week, but he's doing great!!!  Love it, Marcus!!!  I really don't care what the judges think anymore.  But I'll let you know.  Nicole loved it.  Paula loved it, too.  Simon doesn't think the song suited him.

Well, another X Factor episode is over.  I sure hope they change things up.  For one, the X Factor Judges need to make this a reality show.  As long as Simon Cowell was a judge on American Idol, he sure didn't learn anything.

Trust me, I love Simon Cowell, but the X Factor has nothing to do with our voting.  They will choose who they want to win the 5 mil.


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