Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's the X Factor live edition.  Who will shine and who will decline?  Yup, I had to.  lol

We were suppose to see 16 acts live tonight, but X Factor Judge Simon Cowell felt so bad for canning Melanie Amaro, that he flew to her house and invited her back.

So, 17 X Factor wannabe acts will perform for the first time live.  They'll be pared down, but we don't get to vote yet.  The X Factor Judges want to keep their precious 5 million dollar acts to themselves.

So, let the games begin!  Speaking of games, I heard Simon Cowell and LA Reid were at it with each other.  LA said he would do anything to win and that included giving Simon Cowell's girls bad advice!  lol


Brian Bradley, a.k.a. Astro is up first.  He sure seems comfortable on stage in front of an audience.  He's got some dancers to help.  LA Reid is getting into it.  I just can't warm up to him or his rapping, but he's a pretty darn good performer.

Chris Rene is up next.  He's singing a pretty slow song.  It's not bad.  He also seems comfortable on stage.  There's just no wow factor for me though.  The judges are praising him.

Philip Lomax now.  He's the crooner/Fred Astaire type.  He's singing I'm A Believer.  Well, that's a stretch.  Not bad, but again, nothing "wow" with this performance.  Oops, Simon didn't like the song LA chose for him.

Marcus Canty is last up for the boys. I just love his voice.  Excellent reviews from the X Factor Judges.

Now LA Reid has to make a decision.  Who gets cut?  Philip Lomax Cut!


The Stereo Hogzz are up first.  I really like this group.  They started out great, but now they seem to be all over the place, voice-wise.  Simon struggled to say Paula did a very good job.  Did it hurt Simon?  hahaha

The Brewer Boys are up next.  Let's see what the young brothers can do!  Both are playing instruments, so they're sitting on stage, but they're rockin' out.  My foot is tapping.  lol  I like these kids!  LA Reid wasn't impressed, but Nicole said if she was a teenager, she'd have them all over her walls.  LOL  Simon didn't like it either.

Intensity takes the stage.  Hmmm, there's 10 of them, but only half of them could really sing.  The judges are loving them, though.  Simon even said they're the new Glee!

Lakoda Rayne is last up.  For 4 girls thrown into a group at the last minute, they're great!!!  Love them!  LA said he'd sign them up now.  Nicole is proud of them and Simon would also sign them up!

Now Paula needs to decide.  Who gets cut?  The Brewer Boys Cut!

Over 30's!

Dexter Haygood is up first.  He's not screaming and screeching!  Go Dexter!  lol  The judges had mixed feelings.  Simon even liked it a little.  hahahha

Leroy Bell is up.  He sure doesn't look 60 years old!!!  I just love his voice.  So smooth.  The judges love his voice, too! 

Stacy Francis takes the stage.  Man I love this girl.  She's got some pipes!!!  Simon didn't like the song choice.  The other judges loved her.  lol  Well, what's his name...  Josh?  Who's the idiot host here.  Anyway, he scolded everyone because they're talking too much.

Josh Kracjik is last up.  Not liking the song choice or arrangement.  Slow and boring.  The judges love him.  Simon said he is the real deal.

Nicole decides...  who gets cut?  Dexter Haygood cut!


Simone Battle is first up.  Hopefully she can remember the words tonight!  I wouldn't cry if she left tonight.  LA don't get why she was put through.  Simon was the only one who liked her.  lol

Rachel Crow is next.  She's just a little doll!  Big, big voice!  The judges just love her, too!!! 

Drew takes the stage.  She looks scared to death.  Slow and boring song, Simon.  Audience and Judges love her!

Tiah Tolliver takes the stage.  Dramatic makeup!  She looks like a cat warrior.  Mixed comments from the judges.  I liked it and Simon liked it.  That's all that counts, right?  lol

Melanie Amaro is up last.  I'm glad Simon brought her back, she's got a great voice.  Audience is going nuts!!!  LA Reid says unbelievable!  Nicole and Paula just love this girl.

Simon cuts...  Simone Battle and Tiah Tolliver cut!

The X Factor Top 12!

Brian Bradley, a.k.a. Astro
Chris Rene
Marcus Canty

The Stereo Hogzz
Lakoda Rayne

Stacy Francis
Leroy Bell
Josh Kracjik

Rachel Crow
Melanie Amaro

What do you think of the X Factor Top 12?  I would have liked to see The Brewer Boys stay and Intensity cut, but the X Factor Judges didn't see it that way.
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