Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another X Factor episode when the X Factor wannabes must sing for their life!  Yes, a little dramatic, but there's 5 mil riding on the line!

I'm hoping the X Factor Gods decide to revamp the X Factor Results Show because last week's was boring!

After we meet the X Factor Judges, it's showtime!

Stacy Francis is up first!  Nicole really stepped her up with this song!  Wow!  She is the Queen of the Night!  Dancin' in a cage, yes she is!  lol  Go Stacy!  LA wasn't real impressed, but it was good.  Paula didn't like the song, but thought Stacy delivered.  Simon says she looks cute, but doesn't like her outfit?

Marcus Canty is next!  LA Reid is slowing him down a bit.  He has an awesome voice!  It is hard for him to stand still though.  hahahaha  Nicole says, "magic!"  Paula says he's a star!  Simon says it was 1,000% better than last week. 

Drew is first up for the girls!  And Simon goes big!  Well, she's singing, but I don't see anything big.  They said she was suppose to dance.  Didn't see any of that.  She does have pink and green hair.  LA says she's good, but she's been the same all 3 weeks.  Nicole says Drew is simply brilliant beyond her years.  Paula says she gives an honest performance every week.  OMG!  Paula slammed her dress then Simon told her that Drew designed it herself!!!  Oh, smack!

Leroy Bell is up now!  I really like his voice, too.  Can't believe it's taken 59 years for him to get noticed.  LA says he finally got it right!  Paula - great, great performance.  Simon - dignified, classy, this was your best performance by far.

Lakoda Rayne is next!  They're a little bit country and a little bit...  pop?  They're great together, but a couple of them are pretty weak alone.  LA - you've become his favorite girl group.  There's only 1 LA.  Nicole wants to take them home to Kentucky?  Simon - thought it was much better than last week.

Brian Bradley/Astro up after the break!  This kid went to the movie premiere with his headphones on.  Come on, really?  This is suppose to be movie night, yet he's allowed to sing his own songs/lyrics.  *Yawn*  Same ole, same ole.  Nicole - just in awe of him.  Paula - ability to be a superstar.  Simon - you have the work ethic and writing talent to be a star.

Melanie Amaro after the break!  Melanie was suffering from a sore throat all week, let's hope it's ok now!!  Singing one of my fav songs!!!  Man in the Mirror!!!!  Yes!!!  LA - really strong, but not inventive.  Nicole - brilliant song choice.  Paula - remarkable singer.

The Stereo Hogzz performs now!  They were in trouble last week, let's see how they do tonight!  They're doing great this week!  LA - not familiar with the song, but they did great.  Nicole - it was bananas.  Favorite performance of them yet.  Simon - work ethic is amazing, but they're not performing the record that they will eventually make.

Josh Kracjik is up now!  A Joe Cocker song, perfect!  Little help from my friends, baby!  He's got this!  All the judges love him!!!  Simon did say he had to lose the gimmicks.  Not sure what that meant.  lol

Chris Rene is up next!  He also raps, but he puts a twist on it and I love it!  Go Chris!  Nicole - up there channeling.  Paula - you were real, honest, and amazing!  Simon - welcome back, Chris!  This is what we love about you!!!

Rachel Crow wraps up the show! This little girl just belts out every song!!!!  Man she's good!!!  And ALL the judges loved this performance!!!!

That's it for another night of the X Factor wannabes singing their hearts out!  Who's your favorite?  Who do you think will win the X Factor crown?  Leave your comments!

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