Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's another X Factor results show.  I for one, am nervous.  I am not looking forward to 2 acts leaving.  So, let's go!

So not happy.  CeCe needed to go.  I don't like the bottom 2 here.  They're both good. 

X Factor Results!

Paige Thomas is going home! UGH!
Tate Stevens is safe!
Diamond White sings for her life.  She's saved.
Emblem 3 is safe.
CeCe Frey is safe.  What??
Fifth Harmony is safe!
Vino Alan sings for his life.  Simon sent him home.  :(
Carly Rose is safe!

Well, that's a wrap.  I almost wish the X Factor judges didn't have a say at all.


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