Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Another 2 hour X Factor is coming up soon.  I'm not totally happy with the X Factor Top 12, but for the most part, we've got a good mix.

I can't say I'm impressed with Khloe Kardashian.  She's very stiff.  Hopefully, they put her on contestant interviews and let Mario run the hosting job.

The X Factor judges brought back Diamond White!  So we have the top 13!

Songs from the movies is this week's theme.  Let's get started!

Arin Ray is up first performing American Boy and he looks like a star!

LA - loved him.
Demi - is speechless.  He looks like a star.
Simon - he's turning into a little pop star.
Britney - you owned it and rocked it.  A true star.

Paige Thomas is up singing Take My Breath Away and she is amazing!  She floated down from the ceiling like an angel!  And I was so moved by this performance, I forgot to get a picture!!

LA - the song is good but he's not blown away.
Britney - loved the beginning.
Simon - the beginning was also great, but it needed something different.
Demi - amazing.

Vino Alan is up after the break.  Performing When A Man Loves A Woman, and he is SO good!!!! Love him!

Britney - loved it.
Demi - it was a phenomenal performance, but she doesn't see him as a pop star.
Simon - he went from zero to hero in one week.  He told Demi that was a stupid thing to say.
LA - proud of him.  You nailed it!

Enblem3 will sing "My Girl" and also "California Girls?"  LOL  They're doing a pretty good job!  What an arrangement!  Hahahaha

LA - wants to be critical, but you guys are actually perfect.
Britney - was blown away how they made the song their own.
Demi - thought they were really great.  Simon shouldn't have plugged a One Direction.  Their music started first.
Simon - did fantastic and with only 1 day to rehearse it.

Beatrice Miller to sing Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls.  She's a little hoarse, but I think it adds to the raspy-ness.  lol

LA - the tone of your voice sounds like a hit record!
Demi - blows her mind that she puts so much soul in her performances.
Simon - asked how old she is (13).  He said unbelievable.  I can see you working.  Better performance this week.
Britney - says she has the best personality of anyone in the competition.

Jennel Garcia singing I Love Rock N' Roll and she's rocking it!  The high notes do sound strained a bit though.

LA - yes it was good, but I have a problem...  no originality.
Britney - Hot, hot, hot!
Simon - I really like you, but I don't like what Demi has done with they way you look.  You're unrecognizable.  The performance was a parody.  And now Demi is arguing with Demi.
Demi - said look around the audience, everyone loved it.

Tate Stevens singing Wanted Dead Or Alive and I just don't get the performance. It didn't fit him.

Britney - definitely a true cowboy.  You nailed it.
Demi - love you.  You have what it takes.
Simon - it feels like you arrived back into this competition.
LA - really proud of you.  I hope America votes for you.

Lyric145 performing  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?  Seriously?  Yes, they are rapping this song!  I kind of like it!  hahahhaha

LA - completely hated it, but it was really good.  lol
Britney - loved the theatrics.
Demi - you guys got me so hyped!  Who knew in that (Simon) rusty old brain was something so hip and fresh?  lol
Simon - you were bloody fantastic.

Diamond White singing I Have Nothing and of course she's doing a great job!

LA - thought that was an ambitious song choice, but you brought it home.
Demi - trying not to cry.  That song tugged at my heart.
Simon - this proves dreams can come true.  Great vocal, performance!
Britney - you definitely channeled Whitney in that performance.

CeCe Frey is up.   Eye Of The Tiger is her song choice. She is so off key. I don't like this at all.

LA - the ending was strong.  Just didn't blow him away.
Britney - thought you were a rebel.
Simon - song choice was horrible.  No imagination.
Demi - asked her if she chose that song.  She did.

Mario made a joke about how to pronounce her last name.  Like French Fry.  Boy did CeCe give him daggers the entire time they were showing her numbers.  LOL

Carly Rose Sonenclar singing It Will Rain and boy did she change it up! I love it!!  Aww, she started to cry at the end.  Perfect performance!!!

LA - that was really heartfelt and honest.  I loved it.
Demi - night and day from last week to this week.  Incredible.
Simon - huge improvement over last week.  You would have a hit with this performance.  We're watching a star in the making.
Britney - you should have closed the show cause nobody can follow that.  lol

Jason Brock is singing I Believe I Can Fly and this is a perfect song for him!  He really is Mr. Entertainment!!  Very powerful performance!

Britney - an improvement from last week.  Vegas lounge act.
Demi - LA hasn't guided you in the direction you need to go.
Simon - I like you, but I don't believe you can fly.  You have a good voice, but the way you are dressed, you look like a singer in an Italian restaurant.
LA - this week it's up to America.  You did an excellent job.

1432's new name is Fifth Harmony!  Singing A Thousand Years and they sure can harmony!

LA - I was impressed with your singing.  You nailed it.
Britney - night and day this week from last week.
Demi - all powerful vocalists.
Simon - the transformation week on week is enormous.  Vocals were stunning.

Which X Factor act is your favorite and which will leave?  Let me know!

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  1. The most improved was Tate Stevens and Carly Rose, not to mention the off the hook performance from Lyric145. I loved the idea of using the Mary Poppins song and turning it into such a memorable song and stage production. They are destined to be famous! Normally I watch the show with my DISH coworker, but I was home and I couldn’t resist watching live. Most of the time my schedule is erratic, but I use my Hopper from DISH to automatically record all of the four major networks at night with PrimeTime Anytime. That way I don’t miss any of my favorite shows like X Factor because the timer didn’t get set.

    1. I loved Lyric145, and really, last night was the first time I could say that. Talk about memorable! And very entertaining!

      They've got talent, that's for sure!!



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