Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I missed last week's X Factor shows but for a good reason.  I drove 1900 + miles to Welcome Home The Troops!  Which included my daughter.  :)

I heard Lyric 145 and Jennel Garcia were eliminated.  Glad I didn't see that!

It's another double elimination!

Tate Stevens is up singing I'm Already There and I really don't like him singing this.

Britney - LA is doing a great job with you.
Demi - agrees with Britney.
Simon - loved the song, but your voice was breaking.
LA - you sing with a lot of confidence.

Diamond White is performing Because You Loved Me. Big song!  She has the pipes to pull it off!!!

LA - you've never had a moment like that, baby.  You are the truth!
Demi - is crying.  Totally related.  You gave your heart and soul into it.
Simon - you are fearless incredible.  I believed every single of that lyric.
Britney - it was beautiful.

Enblem3 is up next.  Singing Secrets of course. I'm not impressed.  They just don't seem to put their all into their performances.

LA - your stardom is never in question, but your performance lacked stardom.
Britney - great change of pace.
Demi - agreed with Britney.
Simon - this is the kind of record you should make.

Arin Ray is up!  Singing  Hero and he's doing a great job!

LA - says it was a great song choice, but it was too big.  You gave a good performance, not a 5 mill performance.
Demi - I was bored.  I wouldn't have signed you.
Simon - you're being trapped in a cage with the songs.
Britney - it takes a pro to come out and nail it like you did.

CeCe Frey is up.  Wind Beneath My Wings is her song choice.  A different emotion from her than the last 2 weeks when she gave Mario a death look!

LA - praises her.  I felt every word of the song.
Britney - thought you were amazing.
Simon - we saw a different side of you tonight.
Demi - so proud of you.

Fifth Harmony is up.  Did Kardashian just call Simon, Seacrest?  Hmmm..  "I'll Stand By You" is a great song choice.  Let's see what the Judges say.

LA - that was great!
Britney - bravo!
Demi - wasn't crazy about the song choice, but it was beautiful!
Simon - was crazy about the song choice and the performance!

Beatrice Miller is next with Chasing Cars and I love her Thanksgiving.  Wow!!!  Heartfelt and I'm excited!

LA - acceptional.
Demi - feels like it's the same song every week.  Really???
Simon - disagrees..  The song meant something to you.  Better than last week.
Britney - best vocal performance so far.

Vino Alan is dedicating to the Military personnel.  Fort Leonardwood is a big deal, and that's where my daughter was stationed during boot camp.  Wow.  I respect Vino whether he makes it all the way or not!

Stand up!  God Bless The U.S.A..

Brit - the performance was spot on.
Demi - admits to being too hard on him.  She finally sees something special in him.
Simon - you don't judge a book by a cover...  Loved the fact to devote the song to the troops.
LA - really proud of you.

Paige Thomas has been through a lot.  But she is beautiful and is a great mom.  I love her.

LA threw the ball at  Britney.  She loved it.
LA is a fan but still doesn't think it's the best song choice.
Simon said it will be a tough night for her tomorrow.
Demi loves her but it was pitchy.  Emotions took over.

Carly Rose introduced as Arin Ray.  Really Britney??  Well, Carly is singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

LA - a force of nature.
Demi - needs a school ID.  What?
Simon - that was one of the best versions of that songs ever.
Britney - will never get over the fact that she is 13.

Well, I'm back from a long Welcome Home journey.  Can't say I totally agree with what happened in my absense, but I guess it will work.

Which X Factor wannabe is going home?  Let me know!

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