Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's the X Factor Results Show and I don't know if everyone is excited about that, or One Direction!  LOL

Starting off the show!  There they are! Live While We're Young. Simon must be proud! LOL

Awkward!  Khloe is all over them.  Eww!  LOL

One Direction performs again!  To the love of all the girls!  LOL.  Little Things and I've never heard it, but the kiddies are going nuts!

X Factor Results!

Carly Rose Sonenclar made it!
Beatrice Miller made it!
Arin Ray made it!
Jennel Garcia made it!
Paige Thomas made it!
CeCe Frey is in the bottom 2!
Jason Brock is in the bottom 2! X Factor judges sent him home.
Vino Alan made it!
Tate Stevens made it!
Fifth Harmony made it!
Lyric145 made it!
Enblem3 made it!
Diamond White made it!

Demi sends Jason home.  LA sends CeCe home.  Britney sends CeCe home.  Simon sends Jason home.

America sends Jason Brock home.  I'm so not happy.  He out sang her hands down.

What are your thoughts?  Did they send the right X Factor wannabe home? I don't think so.  Grrr..


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