Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The top 8 perform on X Factor USA!  Who will shine?  Let's find out!

It's another double elimination tomorrow. and Britney Spears new music video premiere's tonight!  Scream and Shout.  It's rather strange, actually.  lol

Diamond White is performing I Wanna Dance With Somebody and she's a bit nervous.  She's used to ballads and she was worried about this song choice, but she's doing fine.

Simon - you hit the right notes at the right time.  Really good performance!
LA - I'm a big fan.  A for effort, B for execution.
Britney - so proud of her.
Demi -  really liked it; work more on your performance.

Vino Alan is singing You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' and I just love his voice.  Although I'm confused because I thought LA said he changed songs on him.  Hmmm...  very strange.  Anyway, he's doing great.  lol

Simon - you have a very good voice.  That was the wrong song choice.
LA - completely disagrees. There were timing issues, but I still stand behind you.
Britney - it's the same thing each week.  Something needs freshened up.
Demi - agrees with Britney.  Wasn't totally entertained.

Paige Thomas is performing Never Gonna Give You Up and her and Demi had issues with dancing.  Paige wanted to but Demi was against it.  I think she's doing a great job.  She's got an amazing voice.

Simon - looks and sounded like a legitimate pop star.
LA - that was by far your very best performance!
Britney - this was a risk, but it worked!
Demi - so proud of you.

Fifth Harmony chose Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) and they are fantastic!  Ally's Grandpa died today so she is dedicating this song to him.  They sound so good together.

Simon - what a fantastic performance.
LA - really sorry for your loss.  It was good, but wanted ground-breaking.
Britney - thought the song really worked for the group.
Demi - sorry for your loss.  One of your best performances.

Carly Rose is performing Rolling In The Deep and her voice is just so amazing.  Love this!  I might even like this better than Adele!

Simon - 1st half of the song was good, 2nd half was sensational.
LA - you're insanely talented.  Not your best performance.
Britney - we brought you to the next level of the competition.
Demi - feel proud of you.  You're so cute and genuine.

Tate Stevens will perform Somebody Like You and I really just don't get him.  It's the same old thing every week.

Simon - don't dance.  lol  You're back with passion.
LA - you're lovable.
Britney -  I'm sure we'll be seeing you accept an award.
Demi - you are awesome for dedicating everything to your wife.

CeCe will sing Lady Marmalade and I really don't like her much. She has such a poor attitude.  What a circus act. 

Simon - way too much going on.  Too distracting. Pack a suitcase.
LA - you're going down fighting.  Enjoyed that circus.
Britney -  you stepped it up a notch.
Demi - you came out swinging.

Emblem 3 is performing I'm A Believer and they're having fun with it.  I swear one of them sounds off key.

Simon - you guys have turned into real pop stars.
LA - would sign you; you have the X Factor!
Britney - didn't really like the song.
Demi - very predictable every week.

Alicia Keys will perform on tomorrow's X Factor results show.

Well, that's it for the top 8 X Factor wannabes.  Which 2 will go home?

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