Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's the X Factor top 6!  Another double elimination!  Wow!

Congratulations to Mario!!  He's a married man!

CeCe is up first singing The Edge Of Glory and she's so off. I'm with LA, I can't believe she isn't already gone.

LA says he's starting to become a fan.
Britney disagrees because this should be great and it was only good.
Simon doesn't think she's worth a $5 million contract.
Demi of course disagrees.

Emblem 3 is up and is Demi being totally ridiculous?  Interrupting Simon's introduction.  UGH... can we vote Demi off now?

LA - that was pretty good.  He dissed the other group for not singing harmony.
Britney - hands down, this is your best performance.
Demi - you did great, but not the best.  This is a downgraded version.
Simon - that was incredibly dumb Demi.  You did amazing well.

Carly Rose performs As Long As You Love Me and she's fantastic as usual!!

LA - love you so much!  You showed some restraint and that was great!
Demi - you sang it better than the original artist.
Simon - this is why I love working in this country.  I'm seeing a start emerge.
Britney - I'm so proud of you.

Fifth Harmony is up and they're getting a bad rap because one member had to leave for her grandfather's funeral.  They're singing

LA - didn't hear any harmony.  Wow, disrespectful LA.
Britney - I don't know what seperates you from the others.
Demi - hears harmony, but a couple of you should do solo careers.
Simon - thinks they deserve a shot next week.

Diamond White is up and she's been in trouble.  Let's hope she can pull it off tonight!!!   Singing It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World and she's fantastic!!!

LA - that brought show biz.  And you sang your butt off.
Demi -  very, very good.
Simon - good, but screaching in parts.
Britney - so proud of you.  You nailed it and destroyed it.

Tate Stevens - singing Livin' On A Prayer and I'm a bit curious.  He looks uncomfortable, but that's to be accepted.

LA - naturally disagrees with all of them. 
Britney -  you're getting away from what you do best.
Demi - I'll be buying your album, but the performance was boring.
Simon - you took a goldfish for a walk.  You can't do it.

Pepsi Challenge Choices!

CeCe is up first looking like... a hussy?    Singing Part Of Me and is so off key.

LA didn't love it.  I finally agree with him!
Britney found it entertaining.  Really?
Simon is on crack.  You told her she should pack her bags last week.  UGH!
Demi is ridiculous.  OK.

Emblem 3 singing Forever Young but I don't think it was Rod's song.

LA said you nailed it.
Britney said it was a super star performance.
Demi is all doom and gloom, wants them to command the stage more.
Simon says you've been really, really good tonight and you've landed.

Carly is up with If I Were A Boy let's see. lol

LA is scared cause he really loves her.
Demi says it's getting too predictable.
Simon says don't listen to her (Demi).
Britney  definition of the X Factor.  She's amazing.

Fifth Harmony singing something or other!

LA loved it.
Demi actually commended Simon which is rare.
Brit loved it.
Simon needs to put Demi in her place.

Diamond White singing  Diamonds and she's fantastic.

LA didn't like that rendition.  Really?
Demi loved it.
Simon felt the 2nd half was better than the first.
Britney thought the song was made for her.

Tate is singing If Tomorrow Never Comes and it was all country.

All four X Factor judges praised him.

Well, it's been another X Factor episode where Demi  has proven herself that she need to leave.  Do you agree?  Which 2 are gong home tomorrow?

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  1. There were many great performances tonight. Diamond and CeCe are likely candidates leaving tomorrow night.

  2. Diamond and CeCe are likely the next candidates to leave the show.



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