Thursday, October 13, 2011

Enrique IglesiasImage via WikipediaThe X Factor was postponed last night for a baseball game that ran into overtime.  But we're looking good for tonight's episode!

The X Factor's missed episode will be on this Sunday barring any problems.

So, tonight we get to see the X Factor wannabes in the judge's homes.  Last week the groups were assigned to each of the 4 X Factor judges.

32 acts will be cut to 16!  Paula has the groups, LA Reid has the boys, Simon has the girls, and Nicole has the over 30's.

Each X Factor judge has invited a special guest to help them.  Nicole chose Enrique Iglesias.  Paula has invited Pharrell.  Simon chose Mariah Carey who is absent due to bad weather.  LA chose Rihanna.

Brian Bradley, "Astro" is up for LA Reid and Rihanna.  His confidence comes across very cocky and LA was having second thoughts about putting him through.  But he's bobbin' and weavin' now!

Simone Battle is up for Simon Cowell.  She's another one that has confidence yet cocky.  She totally forgot all the words to her song in Boot Camp, so I'm surprised she's even here.  Simon liked the performance.

The Anser is up for Paula Abdul and Pharrell.  Something just sounds off with their harmony.  Paula and Pharrell didn't talk much about this group.

Dexter is up for Nicole and Enrique.  Dexter is rockin' out!!  LOL  Didn't hear much in the singing though, and Nicole voiced that as well.

Skyelor Anderson is up for LA Reid and Rihanna.  Skyelor wants to be a country singer.  He's got a good voice, but I don't know if he'll move on.

Toro Woloshin is up before Simon Cowell, now.  She wants to be a mechanic and own her own racetrack.  She's so nervous.  Poor girl.  I love her voice.  She reminds me a lot of Lady Gaga.  lol

2 new groups were formed after the Boot Camp cuts, and the 1st one is up for Paula and Pharrell.  They've chosen LaKoda Rayne for their group name.  Singing Lady Gaga's Born This Way!  Awesome!

Stacy Francis is up for Nicole and Enrique.  She has such big lips, but I love this girl!!!  Singing Purple Rain and Nicole is bobbin' her head.  You go girl!

The Brewer Boys are up before Paula and Pharrell.  These young boys are going to try a Rihanna song.  They sound good, but they lack in the performance department.  But, they're also only 14 and 17 years old.

Phillip Lomax will be singing a Rihanna song for LA Reid and Rihanna.  hahahha  LA chose the song, I guess.  This should be fun.  Phillip said he completely changed the song.  LOL  God he sounds so much like Frank Sinatra.  LA and Rihanna liked it!!!

Elaine Gibbs is up before Nicole and Enrique, singing Hold On.  It was ok.  Good voice, but no "wow" factor.

Caitlin Koch is our Rugby Player, but she's playin' for Simon Cowell now.  You can hear how nervous she is.  But I love her voice.  Simon said her pitch/tone was amazing.

Nick Voss is up for LA and Rihanna.  This guy reminds me of Adam Lambert from American Idol.  LA Reid is questioning if he is worth $5 Mil.

4Shore is singing for Paula and Pharrell.  They've chosen a song that LA Reid wrote.  I love this group!  They can sing and perform.  Paula and Pharrell said they have to dirty it up???  Can someone explain that to me please?

James Kenney is up before Nicole and Enrique.  I love this guys voice, too.  Enrique really liked him.

Drew Ryniewicz is up before Simon.  She's a 14 year old Beeber fan.  lol  I hope she makes it through.  I love her voice.  Simon had one word...  Amazing!

Ok!  See you back here on Sunday for another X Factor!

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