Thursday, October 6, 2011

scissors-2Image by Lilian's Pics via FlickrThe X Factor will be getting scissor happy tonight.  If they zip through the names as fast as last night, we may never know which X Factor wannabes choked and croaked.

From last night's expressions, Nicole and Paula would like to hack away at the girls.  LOL

A few more groups will perform, people will get axed, the remaining X Factor wannabes will be categorized, and each X Factor Judge will learn which category they will be mentoring.  Let's go!

First group up singing What's Going On, and they are good!  Simon says, "she's gotta go" but we don't know who he's talking about.  Maybe that little girl?  She was a bit weak during the performance.

We're only seeing the groups that the X Factor bosses want us to see.  That's ok.  Keep it fresh.  lol

Another group was shown singing a country song and they were fantastic.  Hopefully when it's all said and done, we get to see everyone that didn't get cut.

One last group to perform for the judges.  The Brewer Boys, Christa Collins, and Emma Henry are part of this group.  I don't know if it's the song or what, but Emma sucked!  I think it's the song...  cause they're crap.  lol

Everyone who made it through now has to learn a song that represents them.  They have to perform it tomorrow not only in front of the X Factor judges, but an audience of 3,000!

Only half of these wannabes will make it to the mentoring.  Feel the pressure!

Rachel Crow is the 13 year old that's got some pipes.  She's singing If I Were A Boy, and she's belting it out!  Go girl!  She's got attitude and spunk!  Made Nicole cry!  lol

Audrey, then Paige sang next, but the judges aren't offering comments.  Tiger Budbill is up now and he's singing his heart out with Billy Jean.  Josh Krajcik is our former burrito boy.  He's taking on a Kelly Clarkson song.  Likeable guy, but man does he growl a lot.  lol

Simone is a little firecracker.  22 year old who knows what she wants.  She just totally forgot all the words to an Elton John song.  Wow.  Sir Elton would not be proud.

4Shore, Little Ladiez, Makenna & Brock, Siameze have all changed up the songs and the judges are not liking it at all.  Let's see what Brennin can do with an Alicia Keys song.  Nope, the judges aren't happy.

Simon Cowell is ticked and they've taken a break.

The Stereo Hogzz are up after the break.  Finally, an act that can perform!  Standing O!  And the same reaction for the next few acts.

Stacy Francis is up singing Summertime.  She shared with us that her father passed away the day she got to boot camp.  Her momma told her to keep going, but she's struggling with the guilt of missing her father's funeral.  She's doing a great job with this song!  3 out of the 4 X Factor judges even stood up after that performance!!!

Tiah Tolliver is up.  I like her voice, it's pretty unique.  She's a little conceited though.

Leroy Bell is the 59 year old that looks amazing for his age.  And he sings great, too!

After the break, the X Factor Judges start snipping!

The X Factor Judge's Choices


Caitlin Koch
Tora Woloshin
Simone Battle
Rachel Crow
Jazzlyn Little
Melanie Amaro
Tiah Tolliver


Brennin Hunt
Brian Bradley
Skyelor Anderson
Nick Voss
Tim Cyfer
Philip Lomax
Marcus Canty
Chris Rene


Stereo Hoggz
2 Square
4 Shore
The Brewer Boys
Illusion Confusion
The Anser

Over 30

Elaine Gibbs
Leroy Bell
Krista Collins
Stacy Francis

14 people from the girls and boys category are called back to the stage.  Well, 14 of the rejected wannabes are put into 2 groups, and they're going to the X Factor judges homes.  Weird?

Simon Cowell will mentor the Girls!

LA Reid will mentor the Boys!

Nicole Scherzinger will mentor Over 30's!

Paula Abdul will mentor the Groups!

hahahhaha  Simon is so conceited.  LOL  I can't wait for the competition between the X Factor judges!!!

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