Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The X Factor will be making some cuts tonight.  A lot of them.  Did your favorite X Factor wannabe make it?

Simon Cowell just cut Tora Woloshin, but Simone Battle made it through?  WTH?  Simon must be in a fog.  This is ridiculous.  Tora is another Lady Gaga and Simone can't remember words to songs.  Wow.

Drew is in the final four for Simon.  They are drawing this out way too much.  People are not going to want to sit through this.  I'm starting to regret I'm here.  hahhahha  Please X Factor fill in with something entertaining!

Nicole is ready to chose.  First up is Josh.  Thank goodness he made it.  Simon needs to take lessons from Nicole on how to pick a winner!!!

Krista, James, and Dexter are waiting for their answer.  Krista didn't make it.  James didn't make it.  Dexter is going through.  Well, I guess Nicole's not any better than Simon, cause out of those 3, Dexter wouldn't have been my pick.

Please, Paula, do the right thing!  lol  2 Squar'd, The Brewer Boys, and Illusion Confusion will be first up to find out their fate.  The Brewer Boys were the only group to make it through of those three.  4Shore is up before Paula now, but they didn't make it.

Brian Bradley is up before LA Reid.  I wish he'd get cut, but I doubt it.  Of course he made it through.  UGH!!!  Nick, Skyelor, Philip, and Brennin are up now.   Philip was the only one who made it through.

Jazzlyn Little is up before Simon.  Please, Simon, send her through!!!  Nope, she didn't make it.  God, Simon!!!

Tiger and Leroy are up before Nicole.  Tiger's not going through, but Leroy made it.

Chris Rene is up now.  Of course he made it through. Paula chooses Lakoda Rayne and Intensity are both going through. Caitlin Koch and Tiah Tolliver are up before Simon.  He chose Tiah.

Tim Cifers and Marcus Canty are up before LA Reid.  Marcus made it through.  The Anser and the Stereo Hoggz are up before Paula.  She chose The Stereo Hoggz

Stacy Francis and Elaine Gibbs are up before Nicole.  Stacy made it!  Melanie Amaro and Rachel Crow are up before Simon.  Rachel made it through.

Well, now Simon Cowell says he made a big mistake.  Ya think?  Wonder who he's talking about.  So, Simon goes to Melanie Amaro's home to tell her he made a big mistake.  She's going back!!!

Your X Factor Top 16 17!


Simone Battle
Tiah Tolliver
Rachel Crow
Melanie Amaro


Brian Bradley
Philip Lomax
Chris Rene
Marcus Canty


The Brewer Boys
Lakoda Rayne
The Stereo Hogzz

Over 30

Josh Kracjik
Dexter Haygood
Leroy Bell
Stacy Francis

Well, there's your top 16...  well, 17!!   I'm not sure if I would have chosen this same line up, but the X Factor Judges know what they're doing.
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