Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The star of Michael Jackson on the Walk of Fam...Image via WikipediaWe're off to the X Factor boot camp!  They'll split everyone into groups to head for the X Factor judges homes.  Yeah, right.  They're not going to bring them home, so where will they really go?

I can see LA Reid and Simon Cowell going head to head.  They both have big heads, so it should be interesting!  lol

Dancing skills up first to Michael Jackson!!!  Whoo Hoo!!

The X Factor wannabes are dropping like flies.  Brian Bradley, that snot nose little kid from auditions, refused to participate.  This kid needs the axe and soon!

We're watching a few sing now.  Not sure why as we've already heard the auditions.  Just split them up and let's get on with this!

Group one is through to the next round and that included Brian Bradley!  Grrrr!!

Group 2 didn't make it and I don't recognize anyone.  Sorry.

Wow, the creepy guy is screaming.  I hope he doesn't do something drastic!  He's saying he doesn't have a life.

Group 3 made it through which includes the ex drug addict.  Can't think of his name off hand.  Forgettable?

100 acts left and for those who partied last night, is not a good thing cause boot camp starts at 6 am!  hahhaha

LA Reid is telling the half hungover wannabes that their next challenge starts now.  Sing it baby!  And no puking please.  5 hours to learn a song including choreography.  Let's go!

Audrey Turner is here.  I never saw her in auditions.  Ike Turner's ex(?) wife?  I know Tina Turner, never heard of Audrey.  Ok.

Well, group one is up and all I hear is music.  I wonder if they're trying to drown out the singers.  hmmmm...

The X Factor judges seemed to like them.

I don't understand why they have a "special guest" with each groups.  But the next group is up and Stacy is in this group, too.

Jazzlyn Little is in team 1, so I hope they rock the socks off the X Factor judges!!!

Simon just whispered to Paula that Jazzlyn forgot the lyrics.  Don't care!  Love her!

Team 2 is performing Desperado!  Love that song!!!  And Leroy Bell has the voice for this song!

Team 3 is rapping.  Well, of course they're putting Brian Bradley in this group.  Favoritism?  Yeah, I think so.  I don't care if this kid makes it big, my opinion will remain...  he is a mouthy, snot nosed little punk.

The next team consists of Nick Dean, Josh, and Tiger.  Nick is really screwing up and losing the lyrics.  Josh Krajcik comes out strong!!!

Team whatever is up now and Tiah, the one who had to sing for her life...  the steal eyed girl.  She is very opinionated and snobbish!  Paula and Nicole are giving each other looks at Tiah's expense.  lol  Well, Tiah is back to talking through the song.  Hmmm, let's see.  I bet Simon gets his way.  He always does.

13 year old Rachel is struggle with a Whitney Houston song.  She's got a great voice, but I feel bad for her.  She's got spunk and attitude and the judges are eating her up!!!  You go girl!!!  This team had the hardest song, but man they knocked it out!!!

Brock and Makenna are in the next group.  He loves her and she doesn't know it and now we find out that she is ready for a relationship with him.  Whoo Hoo!!!  12 year old Emily is also in this group and she's getting sick she's so scared.  But I don't think she has to worry cause the X Factor judges are likin' this group!!!

Well, an exciting but confusing X Factor episode is behind us.  What will tomorrow bring?  More confusion I expect.  We will however see lots of cuts.  Then the judges mentor.  See you tomorrow night!

I would like to say rest in peace to Steve Jobs who died today at the age of 56.  My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.  I am so sorry for your loss.
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