Wednesday, December 12, 2012

 One more show before the X Factor USA finale!

Who will take the X Factor crown?  I think Carly Rose, Emblem 3, and Tate Stevens will be in the finale.  What are your thoughts?

There will be no sing off during the X Factor results!  No judges decisions this week, it's all up to America!  Yes!

Songs chosen by the X Factor acts:

Tate Stevens is up first, performing BonfireTate Stevens Bonfire and finally, an upbeat song!

Britney - I don't think this was your best.
Demi - disagrees with Brit.  Freaking amazing performance.
Simon - you brought the song you want to record.  It was one of my favorite performances.
LA - you lit that stage on fire.

Carly Rose chose  Your Song CarlyRoseYourSongand I so love Elton John!!  It's a little slow and boring, but still beautiful!

LA - picked a risky song.  You've done things with that song I've never heard done before.
Demi - still very predictable, but this is my favorite of your songs.
Simon - that was a beautiful version of a fantastic song.
Britney - you've blossomed into a huge superstar already.

Emblem 3 chose the song Baby, I Love Your Way Emblem3BabyILoveYourWaywhich is their mom and dad's favorite song.  They just seem better when they sing together and not solo.  Love the song, though!!  Except right now when they decided to rap.  lol

LA - fortunate to be so charming.  This was your $5 million performance.
Britney - felt that song was special.  Way more than a boy band.
Demi - that's what I've been talking about.  That's Emblem 3.
Simon - reminded me of your very first audition.  Chose a fantastic song.

Fifth Harmony chose Anything Could Happen FifthHarmonyAnythingCouldHappenfor their song.  Ok, they're all in pink poofy dresses, and sitting at a table.  One has a large ugly bow on her head, but they sound fantastic!  lol

LA - that was the very best vocal performance you've ever done.
Britney - loved everything about the performance.
Demi - everything was so cute and you worked the stage.
Simon - came in as underdogs, but after that performance, anything now can happen.

Songs chosen by the X Factor acts and mentors:

Tate Stevens is singing FallTateStevensFall by Clay Walker.  He's a great Country singer.  I just don't care for Country music.  lol

Britney - that was a direct hit.
Demi - your wife is the luckiest girl in the world.
Simon - that was a great song.  You've made your mark here.  You deserve to be in the final.
LA - you're consistent.  You were great again tonight.

Carly Rose will perform ImagineCarlyRoseImagine a great John Lennon song! I swear this girl can sing anything.  I just love her voice.  She's nailing it!

LA - difficult song, but you always know how to go in and find that note.
Demi - it was amazing.
Simon - would have kept you at the piano.  Didn't like the arrangement.
Britney - it is time for you to go beyond this stage and compete with the superstars.

Emblem 3 will sing  Hey Jude, another huge song!  It started out rather boring, but now they're picking it up!

LA - you are teen hot throbs like the Beatles.  lol
Britney - an A level performance, you should take a bow.
Demi - you have the potential
Simon - I just feel so proud of what you achieved tonight.  Nailed it!

Fifth Harmony is singing ImpossibleFifthHarmonyImpossible, which they've done before at Simon's house. Simon said they need to change it up.  Singing some parts in Spanish, and they've got great energy.  Not sure it will carry them through though.

LA - the song choice was a bit lazy because you've done the song before.
Britney - pretty good, but it's stiff.  Will be surprised if you're here next week.
Demi - it's going to come down to your fan base voting tomorrow night.
Simon - the song was a reminder of why I fell in love with you in the first place.

Well, that's it.  Which X Factor act will be going home tomorrow night?

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