Wednesday, December 19, 2012

X Factor Tribute to Newtown, CT

Simon Cowell starts the X Factor Finale with a special word and condolences to the families of Newtown, Ct.

A special tribute for them as performed by all of the X Factor contestants and a children's choir.  Singing "You Are Not Alone", just beautiful!

Carly Rose starts with Feeling Good, and I really hope she has an excellent night!  So far she's great!!

LA Reid - you just topped everything you've done.
Demi - you commanded the stage.  I'm very impressed.
Simon - you're here to try and win this tonight.  You sang it better tonight than you did the first time and you blew me away the first time.
Britney - shocking how bright your star is.  We're going to win this.

Tate Stevens up now with Anything Goes. Many I hate Country, but he has an excellent voice!

Britney - you are right on with Country.
Demi - I still love you.  That was a stadium performance.
Simon - you are made in America.  You are authentic. You sang it brilliantly.
LA - really proud of you.

Fifth Harmony performs Anything Could Happen.  I love their performance, but we've heard this song 3 times now.

LA - it's magical.  You are the ones to beat.
Britney - best song choice.
Demi - so powerful together.
Simon - you made me so proud.

Carly Rose and LeAnn Rimes perform How Do I Live and they're fantastic!!!

Britney - shockingly amazing!

Tate Stevens and Little Big Town perform Pontoon and he is having fun!!! That was very entertaining!!!

LA - it was so much fun and you looked so natural!

Fifth Harmony and Demi Lovato perform Give Your Heart A Break and I love it!

Simon - Demi Lovato, you were sensational.  Hot perfection up there.

Carly Rose is singing Hallelujah and this is beautiful!  Her voice is so strong.

LA - that was an angelic moment.
Demi - your vocals just impress me so much.
Simon - you look great, you sounded great, you had a good night.
Britney - that song alone is worth 5 million bucks.

Tate Stevens will sing Tomorrow and he sure has that natural Country voice!

Britney - that was great.
Demi - I'm almost crying; I'm going to miss you.
Simon - fantastic night for talent.  You represented the older category very well.
LA Reid -  I'm proud of you.  You consistently come out and deliver.

Fifth Harmony will sing Let It Be, Simon's favorite song.  Man, this is a close race.  They're great!

LA - this is magic right before our eyes.
Britney - you have truly blossomed as a group.
Demi - sad this is all coming to an end. I'm really proud of you.
Simon - I'm more than proud of you.  You are 5 great singers.

That's it!  The X Factor Finale is over.  Who will win?  Vote now!

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