Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We finally find out who made the X Factor cut!  Did your favorite make it?

Only 4 X Factor wannabes will make it from each category.  24 will become 16.

The Teens

Beatrice Miller made it through!
James Tanner is going home.
Carly Rose made it through!
Diamond White made it through!
Reed Deming is going home.
Arin Ray made it through!

The Over 25's

Jason Brock made it through!
Daryl Black is going home.
David Correy made it through!
Tara Simon is going home.
Tate Stevens made it through!
Vino Alan made it through!

The Young Adults

CeCe Frey
Willie Jones made it through!
Jennel Garcia made it through!
Nick Youngerman
Paige Thomas
Jillian Jensen

Well a rain delay for baseball pushed the X Factor show 40 minutes.  Then it came on, which was great.

Demi Lovato just told Willie Jones he made it through and then went to a commercial.

We come back from commercial and the X Factor is gone.  Along the bottom of the TV, it says the X Factor will be shown in it's entirety next Tuesday.  :(

Well, I'm not happy with Demi at all.  She kept CeCe and sent Jillian Jensen home.  Maybe we'll see another "Melanie Amaro" snafu.

Anyway, here are your top 16 X Factor wannabes:

    Diamond White
    Carly Rose Sonenclar
    Beatrice Miller
    Arin Ray

    Willie Jones
    Jennel Garcia
    Paige Thomas
    CeCe Frey

    Jason Brock
    David Correy
    Vino Alan
    Tate Stevens

    Sister C



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