Thursday, October 4, 2012

X Factor is on, so let's see if I can keep up tonight!  I didn't fair well last night during the X Factor boot camp!

Task 2 is a duet sing off.  1 could make it, both could make it, neither could make it.

Tara and Jennel was the first duet.  Simon didn't like the song choice.  He figured Tara chose the song and he was right.  Simon feels bad for Jennel.

Beatrice and Carly sang Pumped Up Kicks and I thought both were pretty good.

Vino Alan and David Correy performed a Marvin Gaye song.  Vino thought he blew it, but I thought he did great.

Dinah and Diamond pair up next.  The X Factor judges seemed to like them both.

Brandon and Reed are up, but we only see a little clip.  LA likes the passion they brought.

Julia and Ally are Knocking on Heaven's Door.  Another small clip.  LA said someone won and someone lost, but he's not saying which one.

 Willie Jones and Tate Stevens are up now.  They're singing "Nobody Knows" and poor Willie forgot the words.  :(

Arin and Normani are singing a One Direction song.  I thought they were good.  I thought Arin had the better performance.

Latasha and Jillian are up and Jillian stopped, started crying and said she couldn't do it.  She forgot the words.  Jillian picked up the ball and is doing great!!!

We see quite a few acts come through that just totally blew it; forgetting all the words to the songs.  Freddy Combs, Jessie Bryant, Nick, to name a few.

Paige and CeCe are up next.  This should be interesting.  Singing Secrets. CeCe chose the song.  Paige is struggling.  I hope they give her a chance.  Simon said they looked exhausted.  Britney likes Paige.  Simon liked both of them.

Well, once the acts are cut to 24, we head to the X Factor judge's homes.  We see a small clip of LA acting very angry.  Must be he didn't get the group he wanted.  lol

So, see you next week for another X Factor recap!


  1. I wasn’t that impressed with the renditions of “I Will Always Love You” that Paige and CeCe gave, to be honest. “Secrets” failed to impress me too, but it was just not the kind of song that was right for Paige, but the producers knew that and stoked the fire when they tipped off Simon to ask them how they chose the song; low one Simon! I’m so glad though that I discovered The X Factor on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings, because all of my DISH coworkers talked about it. I never had the opportunity to watch it until it was waiting for me on my DVR, since all of the evening shows on the networks record for me.

    1. I wasn't impressed much with "Secrets" either. And I'm so jealous! I have to get me a DVR! lol



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