Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's the X Factor live!  Can't wait!  Mario Lopez and that Kardashian girl.  lol

Mario is still cute.  lol

Paige Thomas is up first.  Demi convinced her to shave her head.  What a joke.  Singing What Is Love and she rocked! LA loved her, but didn't like the song choice.  Brit says she's outrageous and a true star.  Simon says she came out tonight and nailed it.  Demi is all sorts of happy.

Arin Ray is up next singing You Keep Me Hanging On and he's weak.  Love him, but...  LA said he nailed it, but vocal wasn't on track.  Demi said he has a lot going for him but stiff.  Simon said he was distracted because of all the dance moves.  Simon likes his swag and was impressed.  Of course Brit loved it.

David Correy is up and pouring his heart out.  "Your Love Is My Love" and he's doing an excellent job.  Let's see what the X Factor judges have to say...  Brit was surprised.  Demi said you got the crowd going.  Simon said the performance was manic verging on desperate.   Honest Simon!!!  LA said he sounded really good.

3 Sisters are up now.  Sister C.  Country singers.. which is fine.  But...  hmmm, not sure.  Let's see what the X Factor judges say.  LA says it was good.  Brit says it was very interesting.  Demi says they are beautiful girls, but she was expecting a better performance.  Simon says that was a fantastic performance, but that's what we expect.  Thank you Demi for you honesty!!!

Jennel Garcia is up and I hope she does great!  I love her!  Singing Home Sweet Home.    All 4 X Factor judges loved her!!!  Me, too!

Diamond White is up and I love her, too!  Oh, she chose "Hey Soul Sister" and although I love her, I didn't think it was great.  LA thought it was strong.  Demi thought the song choice was great.  Simon is seeing a massive transformation with her.  Yes!  Brit was impressed and proud.

Vino is up and rocking it!  Love it! Brit didn't like him.  Demi wanted to root for him, but she's shallow.  Simon didn't like the song and the arrangement.  LA says he is just going to be fine.

Lyric 145 is up and Simon is ready.  Too many theatrics and not enough talent.  I can't believe Simon put them through.  LA loves them, but it sounded like they were put in a washer with bleach.  Brit was entertained.  Demi disagreed with LA, but what does she know.  Simon 100% loved them.

CeCe Frey is up and she's out of breath, quiet, and insecure.  No likey.  LA said it was really strong.  Really?  Brit though it was great, but vocals were weak.  Simon likes that she's fearless.. not the best vocals.  Demi said she could do much better vocally.

Tate Stevens singing... Brit said interesting.  Demi is all over him.  Simon likes how what kind of artist he will be, but the song wasn't his favorite.  LA is really proud of him.

Beatrice Miller is up, and Britney chose the song.  Beatrice isn't all too thrilled.  I'm wondering how much that goes on.  X Factor judges pick stuff and the X Factor contestants have to go with it.  LA believes in her.  Demi felt the feelings in her eyes.  Simon agrees with Brit.   Brit says she is a true star.

Jason Brock is up and he is soooo entertaining!!!  And fun!!!  And he's got an amazing voice.  Let's see if prime time can handle it.  Brit says he could have chose a better song. Demi said said it wasn't the right song choice.  Simon says it was utterly horrendous.  Jason got dissed and pinched Mario's butt!  He's got my vote!!

1432, formerly the Lylas are up.  Not good. LA said karaoke and slammed the name change.  Demi says only 1 person shined.  Simon says they're fantastic.  Simon, you are on drugs.   

Fat Kardashian is trying to nail Demi to the wall.  Get lost please.  Mario saved her.  lol

Willie Jones is up and he's entertaining!!  LA said it was very entertaining.  Brit says she feels he is a true star.  Simon thought it was silly.  Which I agree with.

Carly Rose is up and it seems like everyone is getting into it.  Let's see what the X Factor judges say.  LA loves her voice, but it didn't seem like she was having fun.  Demi believes she has one of the best voices in this competition, but she believes she's not having fun.  Simon felt she also felt uncomfortable with the song.  Brit thought her vocals were amazing.

Emblem 3 ends the show tonight.  I like them, but they seem to go overboard with their performances.  LA said Simon had it right this time.  Really?  Brit says they are adorable.  Demi says they make me swoon.  Simon liked them the first time he saw them.

Well, who were your favorites?  Who's going home?  The X Factor judges will make the tough decisiouns tonight.

Happy Halloween and join me back tomorrow night for the X Factor decisions!!


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