Thursday, October 11, 2012

We're at the homes of the X Factor judges again tonight.  Although TMZ says that Simon Cowell and Britney Spears homes actually belong to someone else.

The Over 25's will be performing for LA Reid and Justin Beiber.

Jason Brock is up first singing "Big Girls Don't Cry".  He did great.  LA said it was a very strong vocal performance.  The other remaining X Factor wannabes thought he was good, too.

David Correy is up, and he's also doing a great job.  A great rendition of Domino.  LA said it gave him goosebumps.  Justin thought he was great and his manager saw pure passion.

Daryl Black is up and of course I love his voice!  The judges were highly impressed, too!

He wouldn't stand still long enough for a good pic, though!  lol

Tate Stevens is up, and although I don't like Country Music, he's got that Country voice.  LA said good song choice.  Justin thinks he has a great voice, but maybe not worth $5 Million!

Vino Alan is up now.  His voice messed up a bit.  Hit a wrong note?  Love this rendition of....  AHHHHHH, a FOX 17 breaking news alert!  Get back to my show!!!  Justin's manager said he's petrified.  LA loves his great voice with all that soul.

Tara Simon finishes out the Over 25's category.  I hate her rendition of "Reason".  She started out so soft, we could barely hear her, then she just started screaming.  She's doing a happy dance.

The judges pretty much dissed her entire performance.

The Teens will now perform for Britney and!

Diamond White is up first!  She has a ton of talent.  Very powerful voice.  Will says she sings amazing but cares about her moves too much.  Brit says she needs confidence.

Reed Deming is up now.  Singing Hey There DelilahThat was great.  He was nervous, but the vocals were great!  The judges liked him, but said he needs confidence.

James Tanner is the rapper of the group, and I just don't like this performance at all.  He's running around and it's just not entertaining.  The judges wonder if he's worth keeping.

Arin Ray is up.  "Starships" is his song choice, and he's very comfortable performing.  Will says he has something; definitely has potential.  Brit loves watching him but needs work on his vocals.

Beatrice Miller is called out and she starts crying before she reaches the judges.  That's not a good sign.  She's doing great!  A little stiff, but I love her voice!  The judges loved her, too!

Carly Rose finishes up the Teens Category with Brokenhearted. The judges love her talent, but wonder if she can handle the pressure.

So, the X Factor judges will reveal who they're keeping and which ones will go home.  Who do you think they chose?


  1. Out of the Over 25 group my favorite was definitely David Correy. Every song he sings is soulful and from the heart. It’s like he reaches way down and then pours everything out. I also really liked Tate Stevens: he’s down to earth and really puts himself out there. People like this is the reason why I’ve got my Hopper timers set to record the entire season of X Factor and with plenty of recording space, I don’t have to rush through watching anything I’ve already recorded. The creation of LYLAS really worried me because all of these girls are soloists with very powerful voices. However, I was mistaken because their audition after being thrown together was fabulous! My DISH co-worker really likes Beatrice Miller because she can really belt it out. She’s got a really big voice and she knows her abilities which show when she performs. I’m just not sure that she is worth $5,000,000.

    1. I liked David and I also liked Vino. There's some passion there from both of them.

      I also really like Beatrice. I think with some time and confidence, she will be great!



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