Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Another X Factor episode!  Let's go!

It's boot camp, people!!!

120 acts start, 20 will remain.  1 song will be performed in front of everyone.

Diamond White is up.  Singing I Have Nothing and she's only 13! Nailed it!

UGH, they are going so darn fast with these singers, I can't keep up.  All of the good ones just went through.  Grrr


Jessica just sang and Demi said she wasn't as good as she remembered.  What?

I listen to 105.3 HOT FM every day, and one of the DJ's, Rachael Gray said she loves Demi as an X Factor judge.  Britney is a train wreck.  Well, I love Demi, but she's a mouse.  She rarely gives an honest critique.  What do you think?  Britney or Demi is the better judge?

Johnny Maxwell didn't fair up too well.

 Jordan really dropped the ball.  Pretty sure she's going home.  

Citizen is up.  This is where I wished I had a DVR.  They are going too fast!!!

Tara Simon showed a bit more than she wanted according to Simon.  Or did she?  Hopefully she gets cut cause she's more cocky than talented.

Paige Thomas is singing a Whitney song and she's pulling it off!!! I Will Always Love You.

CeCe also performed Whitney's song.  I liked Paige's performance, better.  :)

Well, the X Factor judges are arguing about who will be cut.  I'm sure this will go too fast as well.  Did I mention I want a DVR???  lol

Paige Thomas is through.  That's about all I recognized.  lol

Jessica, Trevor and Jordan are going home.

Johnny Maxwell and Freddy Combs are through.

Well, that's another X Factor show.  Not sure how I feel about some of the cuts, though.


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