Thursday, September 13, 2012

Read my X Factor Recap if you missed last night's show.  It was powerful!  Simon Cowell was almost in tears!

Johnny Maxwell is up first.  Young, but confident.  Singing an original song.  He's getting out of breath, but he's got a great voice.

LA is dancing out in his chair.  lol  LA said he's exactly what we need.  Britney says he's passionate.  Demi says he's driven.  Simon says he's a better rapper than singer.  He made it!

Lexa Berman is one cocky 'b!  Let's see if she can sing.  Hmmm, she's ok, but all the eh, eh, eh, is driving me nuts.  Britney says it was one tone and annoying.  Simon said not the best singer in the world.  The girls voted her home.  lol

Well, we sit through a few screechers.  lol

Jason Brock is up.  He reminds me so much of Adam Lambert.  Hopefully he can sing cause he looks fun!

OMG!  He can sing!  Singing New York State Of Mind and the crowd is going nuts!!!  All 4 X Factor judges loved him!!  Even Simon!

Patrick Ford is up and he's creepy!!!  He's going to attempt her song, Circus.  This isn't going to be good.  Nope, he's brutally killing this song.  Please stop him now.  Audience is booing.  lol  All 4 X Factor judges kicked him to the curb!

Carly Rose is up.  She's 13.  WOW!!!  She is blowing everyone away!  What a voice!!!  Singing Feeling Good.  The judges are on their feet!!!

Britney called her a little diva!  LA says her soul is old!  Simon says a star has just walked out on that stage!  Demi wants to buy her music now!  All 4 X Factor judges sent her through!

We end another X Factor on another high note.  Who is your favorite X Factor contestant so far?


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