Thursday, September 27, 2012

X Factor USA final auditions should be very interesting!!!

Hopefully, we find out how Trevor Moran is!  He got over excited and dehydrated.  He's anxious to go on!!!

Trevor Moran is up.  Well, he's out performing and the audience is going nuts!  I'm Sexy and I Know it is his song choice.  Simon is all excited.

Simon says, well, you're not dehydrated anymore.  LA said he owned the stage.  Demi said he was so much fun to watch.  Brit like him a lot.  Simon says he will be remembered for this performance.  All 4 X Factor judges sent him through!

Owen Stuart is very young, but is all in love.  LOL  Well, he talked about his "love" and missing his girl and Simon rolled his eyes and Demi looked irked.  He's good, but not sure if he's the X Factor.

LA really enjoyed it.  Britney wasn't wowed.  Demi said she thought everyone wished she was Tori.  Simon really liked it.  He's through!

Freddy Combs was wheeled out in a wheelchair.  He's a minister who is on disability because of his weight.  He is 540 pounds.

Singing Wind Beneath My Wings and he has a beutiful voice.  LA said his voice was heavenly.  The girls loved him.  Simon said he needs some inspiration and not to be stuck in that chair.  Simon said he will back him if he backs himself.  All 4 X Factor judges said yes!!!

We sit through a lot of bad auditions and peeps spitting in the camera.  LOL

Lauren is 16 and from Florida.  Singing If I Ain't Got You and she's good, but not original.

LA loved it.  Britney and Demi loved her, too!  Simon said she surprised him.  One of his favorite auditions.  She's through!

Jordan.  Demi says she's too cute.  Britney says she has an amazing voice.  LA says she is a bundle of joy.  Simon won't say.

Simon said no, as he should have.  LA said yes.  Through, but only on sympathy.  She didn't fair well.

Well, see you next week for the X Factor!!!


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