Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another X Factor coming up!  So far, the X Factor episodes have been very powerful!  Can't wait for tonight!

Rizzloe Jones is up first.  Freestyle rapping.  Well, I'm not sure how to describe this.  He's good at freestyling, but not sure if he has the X Factor or not.  LOL

LA says he likes his flow.  Louie says remember his name.  Britney thought he was a young Vanilla Ice. Demi was surprised.  He's through!

Cece  is so conceited and has been cutting down all the other X Factor contestants.  This should be interesting.  She started singing Unchained Melody and was so off key.

Now she's singing a Christine Aguilera song.  Now she's smoking.  They loved her!

Vino? is up now.  Wow!!!  Didn't expect that voice!  He's through!!!

I don't even know what to say.  He just blew me and the judges away!!!

Deangelo is up and he's pretty cocky.  The X Factor judges are not impressed so far.  Yeah, he sucked.

The judges left it was so bad.  He stole a $3,000 microphone and got arrested.  Hahahaha.

Tate Stevens is up and he's funny.  Wow!!!  Another didn't expect that voice!!!  Hell of a Country voice!!!

All 4 X Factor judges loved him and sent him through!

And finally, Simon Cowell arrives!!!  He's been very sick and had to take it easy.  The first few X Factor contestants were happy about that!!!  LOL

Patrick is in a group of 5 named Citizen.  Patrick is very cocky.  Let's see what happens now that Simon is here.  Well, they have good choreography, but they remind me of N'Sync.  3 X Factor judges sent them through.  Simon said he felt like he was in a time warp.  10 years ago.  I agree!!!

Diamond White is 13 years old.  Her and mom live in a shoebox apartment and her dad is not in the picture.  Simon gave her a hard time before she started, but she was great.  LA, Britney, Demi, and Simon all loved her.

All 4 X Factor judges approve and send her through!!!

Ally's up and she's another little cocky one.  Singing On My Knees and the crowd is going nuts.  I thought her voice is weak.

Hmmm, she's still singing after the music has stopped.  Overkill!  The X Factor judges are fawning over her.  They sent her through!

We see clips of quite a few X Factor contestants, but they were all good!  Usually, we have clips of the rejects.  No chance to blog about it!  LOL

Panda is up and she's pretty awesome.  Simon asked how she got her name and she said her mom was in jail with a white woman and they named her.  Hahahha..  She's not only fun, she can sing!!!!

All 4 X Factor judges loved her!!!  Yes!!!  Simon said she was a legend!  Awww, she's just coming off of pneumonia, and now the medics are taking her to the hospital.  Awww...  Panda!

Jessica is bubbly and up next.  Singing Nobody Knows and she has heart!!!  What a powerful voice!!!  I like her!

All 4 X Factor judges absolutely love her!!!  Simon even loved it!!!  Whoo Hoo!!!

Well, that's another powerful X Factor!  See you tomorrow night!


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