Thursday, September 22, 2011

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The X Factor showcases it's 2nd phase of auditions.  What will we see tonight?  Will Paula Abdul lose her cookies again?  Or will we see another naked X Factor wannabe?

Ashley starts the Miami auditions and when she finally quits talking, I can see why she's a starving artist.  Sorry Ashley, time to get a real job.

LA Reid wanted to slit his wrists when she was singing, Simon Cowell couldn't understand her, and Nicole and Paula agreed.  A big NO for Ashley.

Chanel was next and she sang about 8 bars and they kicked her off the stage.  lol

Kanan Road is a group of 3 guys who also can't sing.  Come on, Miami!!!

The Dreamgirlz is a mother and daughter team.  Again, they don't get far and the judges send them on their way.  Then their brother freaks out.  Wow, what an idiot.

Caitlynne Curtis is up next and she looks the part, but can she sing?  A 16 year old with a lot of confidence and a good voice!  Finally!  lol  So far the judges aren't liking it.  She's breaking down.  Paula is going up to comfort her.  I love Paula.

Nick Voss is up next.  He has a crazy haircut, but it's not about the hair.  Well, he's more of a performer than a singer and it might have been a mistake to take on an Elvis Presley song.  We shall see.  Audience loves him...  here comes the X Factor judges...

LA Reid liked the performance better than the singing.  Nicole digs him.  Paula tells him to lose the Michael Jackson choreography.  lol  Simon absolutely loved him!  He's voted through!

Ashley Deckard is a ghost hunter.  Sounds cool.  Hard to believe this cocky little thing is only 14 years old.  She is so off key it hurts.  She's off to hunt more ghosts because she's not going anywhere but home.

Wow, a slew of non-talented wannabes, along with a ghost that Ashley has channeled before she left.  hahhaha

4 girls named 2 Squared are a hit with the X Factor judges.  4 yeses!

Kendra Williams also wowed the judges.  4 yeses again!

Brendan O'Hara is flirting with Nicole.  Actually Nicole is flirting with him.  hahahha  He's going through!

Melanie is up and she is blowing away the judges and the audience!!!  Standing ovation!  The X Factor judges, included!  4 yeses!!!

After the break, we hit Dallas auditions.

Johnny is comparing himself to the Beebs.  Oh wait, no, the Beebs copied Johnny's hairstyle.  OMG!  This kid is embarrassing me and I'm not even there!  He's doing some kind of stupid jerk dancing.  He really thinks he's all that.  Ewww...

LA Reid says he's entertaining, Nicole liked his choreography, huh?, Paula likes surprises, and Simon is finally going to be honest!!!  Simon says he's a Justin Beiber doll that went wrong in production.  hahahaha  4 Noes, thank God!!!

Dylan says he lives out in the boondocks of Kentucky with his dad and brother.  He sold his truck to make it to the X Factor auditions.  Oh, boy, I hope this kid can sing.  OMG!!!  He is screaming and cursing all over the stage!  Audience is booing.  There are no words for what just happened.

Curtis Lawson is another WTH?  He didn't sing, he just sort of made some satanic moans and chants.

Dexter is a Bobby Brown wannabe.  Judges aren't buying it.  He's a homeless man that's about to sing for his life.  15 seconds, go!  I think he might have just saved his own neck.  4 yeses!!!

Caitlin Koch sang a mixture of a few songs.  It was awesome!  The judges loved her, too!  4 yeses!!!

Xander is a cocky ass that is freaking out about his name.  Don't call him Alexander, he'll flip on you!!!  Hahahhahha, his real name is Alexander!!!  hahahha  He is so damn cocky.  He's very mouthy with the judges.  Kick him off now please!!!

Well, he blew the first song.  The judges asked him to sing another.  I can't get over his cocky attitude.  Simon likes him cause he is lippy and interesting.  Wow.  I would have never guessed that.  He's not going through thanks to LA Reid and Paula.  Yes, Paula said no!!!  lol

What stood out for you tonight?  Anyone special?  I liked the ghosts myself.  lol

Well, join me next week for another exciting, er, um, strange? X Factor!!!!

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