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It's the X Factor premiere and I for one can't wait!!!  I am a HUGE American Idol fan and have missed Simon Cowell dearly!!!

So when he announced he was leaving American Idol to pursue bringing the X Factor to the USA, I was extremely happy!

Not gonna lie.  The X Factor is pretty similar to American Idol, except for the age rules and of course Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul.  I have missed these two together!!!

Steve Jones is our X Factor host, and although I've never heard of him, I do like his accent.  ;)

$5 Million is up for stakes.  This is a very big deal.

Our X Factor judges are Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, Cheryl Cole, and Paula Abdul!

Boys, Girls, Over 30, and Groups.  Let's split them up and start this thing!!!

Rachel Crow is a 13 year old 8th grader that is making history with the first audition of the USA version of the X Factor!  I wonder if she knows this.  lol

She's a sweatheart!  Singing Mercy ...  She's got her dance moves going and she's got a huge voice!!!!  Judges are smiling!  Good sign!

Paula says, delivered the goods!
Cheryl says, OMG, we found a little star!
L.A. says, you have everything!
Simon says, remember these 2 words...  Rachel Crowe!!!

And she is put through!!!  Unanimously!!!

Terrel Carter is singing now and the audience loves him, and so do the judges.  They all say yes.

Ellona also gets 4 yeses from the judges.

Siameze says he's 30 years old but he looks 15.  He has a very cocky attitude that I don't think everyone is going to embrace.  Well, he's going a little nuts on stage.  Stripping down to a sheer shirt.  Ew...  and he can't sing.  Oh man.  Thank goodness Simon put a stop to that!!!

The judges have lost their mind.  They just said yes.  Well, all but L.A.  I'm with him.  The kid is absolutely nuts, and not in a good way.

Unchained Melodies performed by a retired couple.  70 and 83 years old.  Very cute, but they can't sing.  Glad they got a chance though.  They'll talk about this for the rest of their lives.

Wow, now all the crazies come out!!!!  Screaming, singing off key or no key at all...  but that's part of the show's charm.  lol

Simone is up and Simon calls her annoying before she even sings.  lol  Simon cuts her off short.  But he really, really likes her.  L.A. completely disagrees with the blubbering judges.  She was asked to sing without music and she has a great voice, but L.A. wasn't swayed.  She's through.

Simon and L.A. Reid are disagreeing on pretty much every act.  This should be an interesting show.  hahhaha

Stacy Francis is up now, and she has a very beautiful voice!!!  Singing Aretha Franklin and doing it justice!!!!  [You Make Me Feel Like] A Natural Woman, baby!!!  LA is about jumping out of his seat.  He's excited!!!  Standing ovation by the judges, b'tches!!!!

Hour 2 of the X Factor is coming up and they introduce the judges with a newcomer...  Nicole Sherzinger.  We were wondering how they were going to do the whole Cheryl/Nicole switcheroo!

First one up is a very strange guy who just dropped his pants.  He's on stage showing his goods and Simon is about beside himself with disgust.  Paula Abdul had to leave the table.  She literally got sick.  LA Reid just told him it was disgusting and offensive.  I agree.  Simon was upset that Paula got sick?  Huh?

Marcus is up now and his mom gave him 2 years to get his music going or go to college.  Singing Stevie Wonder's I Wish, he starts out great!!!  Love his voice!!  LA Reid is getting his grove on.  lol  The girls are dancing in their seat.  Oops, now they're up dancing!!!  Lovin' this guy!

LA Reid just said he found his Bobby Brown!!!  Simon says, you are one to watch.  All 4 X Factor judges give him a big YES!!!

hahaha  Nicole is making it very known it's her birthday.  lol

That was an awesome rendition of Rolling In The Deep from the boy trio The Answer.  They're a fun group that got everyone going, including the judges.  lol

Chris Rene has a sad story.  He's an addict who cleaned up his act.  He sang his own piece.  LA Reid is diggin' it.  I don't see the huge deal, but he was ok.

Oh boy, we get to see all the freaks of day 2!!  Whoo Hoo, these are fun!  Simon is hilarious mocking these people.  hahha

I am really going to love the X Factor I think.  And I'm looking forward to seeing Rachel Crow, the 8th grader with a huge voice, Stacy Francis, and Marcus.

Don't forget the next episode of the X Factor is on tomorrow night!

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