Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The X Factor heads to Chicago for more auditions.  Last week was ghostly, what will tonight's X Factor auditions bring?

So far, I've noticed Simon Cowell acting a bit differently than his American Idol days.  He's still his blunt self, but seems to do an about face with some of the crazy X Factor wannabes.

Sorry, sort of had an A.D.D. moment there.  Anyway, I can't wait to see the crazies The Windy City has in store!  Bring it!

Cheryl Cole is back at the judges table with L.A. Reid, Paula, and Simon.  I think I prefer Nicole.

Brock and Makenna are just friends, but Brock is secretly in love with her...  well, I guess it's no secret now!  Even Simon is picking up on Brock's signal.  LOL

These guys are good!!!  Singing Colder Weatherand they get a standing O!!!  4 Yeses!!!

A few squawkers go through and then Robin gets up there and I don't have any idea what that was.  It was more talking than singing.  hmmmm.

Fast forward through a few more rejects and then some older woman comes out and says she wants to audition for a Judge on the panel.  Huh?  Lady, this is the X Factor, you'll never get past Simon!

Skyelor is singing Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right and the music cut out.  He turns and looks behind him, then just keeps on singing!  Beautiful!  And this was his first audition ever!!!  The audience and the Judges like him!  This 16 year old impressed everybody!  4 Yeses!!!

Mark, the 31 year old philosopher, is up now.  Singing Radioheads Creep and it fits, cause this guy is creepy!  His voice isn't bad but it's embarrassing to watch!  Not sure what kind of dancing he's doing, or not doing rather.  OMG, he got 3 yeses.  Simon didn't vote but the look on his face sort of gave it away.  lol

All the weirdos come out...  they are all in Paula's world according to Simon.  hahahha

Josh is 30 years old and he brought his mommy.  How cute.  This was such a pump up it can either be really, really good, or really, really bad.  He's singing At Lastby Etta James.  And he is good!  Wow!!!  Simon was equally impressed!!!  4 Yeses!

Now we are in Seattle to see what these X Factor wannabes can bring.  And we also welcome back Nicole to the Judges table.

Mom and daughter are up first and they sure don't look the part, let's see if they can sing.  Oh dear...  my skin is crawling and not for good reasons.  Obviously, 4 noes.

Oh, no, a 14 year old Beiber fanatic.  Drew, of course, is singing a Beebs song.  Oh geez, she said she changed it up to make it her own.  Singing, Baby...  So far, she's pretty darn good!  And the X Factor Judges are smiling.  Nicole says she prefers Drew's version better than the Beebs!!  hahahhaha  4 Yeses!!!

Jada pops through.  4 girls who can't sing.  Buh-Bye!

Peet <<<--- yes, that's really how he spells it.  Anyway, Peet is up next.  He comes from a family of dwarfs.  He, however, is not a dwarf.  He has a great sense of humor!  He's cute.  Not sure if the judges are liking him.  I hope so, he's cute.  Simon is fascinated by him.  Although he didn't make it, the judges said he will be famous some day.

4Shore are 4 guys from Virginia Beach.  They want to be the biggest boy band ever.  They still make those?  lol  They're singing an LA Reid song and he's smiling.  They're good!!!    Standing O from LA, Nicole, and Paula!!!  LA Reid says, incredible!  4 Yeses!!!

Philip sounds very eerily like a young Frank Sinatra.  The judges weren't totally convinced, but sent him through anyway.

19 year old Tiah wants to be known worldwide.  Let's see if she does after facing the X Factor judges.  I'm not getting it.  She's doing more talking than singing.  Well, Simon is going to bat for her.  LA, Nicole, and Paula are not liking her at all.  Simon isn't happy about that at all.  Simon has convinced LA to put her through.

So, Tiah sings another song trying to convince the girls to let her through.  And...  as Simon begs the girls to put her through, he asks the audience.  They love her.  Nicole caves and puts her through.  hahahha

Whew!  The last of the X Factor auditions are tomorrow night.  I'm not sure if I'm happy to get on with the show, or sad to miss more weirdos.  See you then!
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  1. When I hear X Factor, all I think of is fear factor.



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