Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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Tons of rumors going around on who will join the X Factor as judges.  Mariah Carey is one of them.

First she was going to be an X Factor judge, then I hear she's going to judge the X Factor judges.

I can only confirm that she will be part of the X Factor, somehow.

I apologize to all the Mariah fans, but I'm not one.

Most of us don't have a choice whether we work or stay home to raise a family.  She does, and she's not taking advantage of it.

Whether she's a full time X Factor employee or not, isn't the point.  She can hire all the nannies in the world to help her, also not the point.

If I had money enough to hire nannies to help care for my children when they were young, I would have saved that money, taken some time off, and enjoyed my time with my children.

Mariah, reconsider this X Factor gig and put your twins first.  Take at least a year or two off so your children can have your undivided attention that they need and deserve.  Most of us don't even have that choice.

What are your thoughts?  Should celebrities take time off to bond and spend time with their newborns?  Or are nannies enough?

I cannot wait for the X Factor to start!

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