Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jennifer Love Hewitt possible X Factor judge
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Yes, that is a strange question, but what does the X Factor and Jennifer Love Hewitt have in common?

Rumors are swirling that Jennifer could be an X Factor judge on season 3.  What?

Love her.  She's a great actress.  But is she really qualified to critique the X Factor wannabes on their musical talents?

Sure, her single Barenaked song isn't bad, but really?

Kelly Rowland in the running for X Factor Judge
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The better choice, who is also in the running to take a seat at the judges table is Kelly Rowland.

You know Kelly from Destiny's Child.  She is a good choice for an X Factor judge.

What do you think of these 2?

Which one would be better?  Do you think neither qualifies?

Who would you like to see at the X Factor judges table?  Let me know!

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